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Pure Souls


Jainism, for being a minority faith, has had a seemingly inordinate impact on Hindu culture and Indian culture in general. Even leading to the Sikh movement with the addition of Islam to India. Part of which was the impact of… Seek More

Sun Gods


Sun worship is much more broad than people tend to be aware of. With the rise of the Holy Roman Empire they didn’t concede to allow all their traditions to be set aside in favour of purist views, and thus… Seek More

Bon Religion


Bon is a Chinese religion, loosely. It’s ethnically Tibetan, but not confined to that region of China. Bon was the native shamanism, but more like the Kahuna tradition than the Native American, and is more concerned with personal state than the… Seek More

Shinto Views

Shinto Shrine

To begin, Shintoism is not a religion, and yet it is. It’s the native belief system of Japan, and still in a sense very much alive and well, but it doesn’t identify itself as a body. Shintoism focuses on this… Seek More

Be Here


Sin was originally a Greek term measuring the deviation of an arrow from a target, and it didn’t originally have other meaning. Sin was simply error, but error arises from the realm of the mortal. From the realm of the… Seek More

Practice Of Reverence


Some people proudly declare that they have no heroes, and that they worship nothing. This isn’t necessarily a negative statement, but it tends to be short-sighted. They lie? Also true. Some people feel they are down to earth. I would… Seek More

Accept Reverence


Reverence has a complimentary attitude, irreverence. Our drive to reverence is not necessarily a drive to religiosity, and many people gloat at the idea that they are irreverent thinkers, that they hold nothing sacred. To paraphrase Jesus, “They know not… Seek More

Keeping Reverence


Too much like or dislike can be very narrowing and corrupting. It seems to lead to obsession, which certainly is unhealthy? A computer metaphor is in order. Dichotomous thinking causes fragmentation, which causes loss of moral integrity. Obsession blocks adaptability, and… Seek More

Honouring The Spirit


The topic is reverence, but perhaps it’s relevant. If you follow medical and genetic / neurological studies, it’s more or less been established that we are inherently creatures of faith. There have even been extensive studies on the relationship between… Seek More

Sum Of Life


Basic is pride. “I am better then the others.” To know where your life is going look at what you revere. We’re likely going after it? Good points. Self esteem is good, but often not as people practice it. If… Seek More