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Spiritual State


I have experienced a spiritual state. A variety of issues sort of gave me no choice. I used to suffer seizures, irregular theta waves. Those are what make you “unconscious” or at rest, but it wasn’t the sleep cycle. I wasn’t asleep.… Seek More

Methods of Spirit Communication


There are various methods of communicating with the spirit world and the presences that are there. Meditation: One of the most easy methods, and the way most stumble across it, is meditations. At times in meditation one looses themselves enough… Seek More

Practices of Mortification of the Flesh


To speak more on mortification of the flesh practices, they often show that there is more to us than our desires. Practices served as rites of passage, much like tribal ritual scarification. It still is practiced in the Opus Dei.… Seek More

Experience over Practice


Are you advocating for self-mortification? No. I am advocating experience. No one practice. When you are impassioned, and begin cleaning house despite physical fatigue, you restructure your whole living space. You ache miserably after pushing yourself so hard, but from… Seek More

Tantric Practice


Normally, Tantric rites are observed in a very sacramental way. Selective diet before the coming together, contemplative meditation, prayer to ready the participants mentally and emotionally because during the embrace there is surrender. Totally for the female, and surrender in… Seek More

Application of Spirit Flight


Earlier, I worked with someone on a simple process of navigation and analysis, but even that can’t be performed without some connection on the spirit level. Here is her experience: “It was interesting. One of the main things that was… Seek More

Beings Cloaked in Illusion


To date, even in modern parapsychology, much of the old understanding of angelic powers is gone. There are still reported encounters or sightings of unknown beings that behave much like the “angels” of old. Though without any seeming divine agenda… Seek More

Transfer of Power


Many of the modern medical observations came from old “occult” experimentation, “necromancy”, and alchemical exploration. The common practice for chemical analysis in old alchemy was by taste, and human material was used in medicines as in a sweetbread. Heart in… Seek More

Rites of Death


Death rites are perhaps the most universal in there nature and there significance. The lore behind death rites is as big as religion, science and magic itself, and the rites of death are really rites of life. They differ as… Seek More

Abode for the Spirit


Many of our modern ghost stories once served to illustrate things they believed about life. If you got ill, it was because an ancestor was upset or because they withdrew from your disrespect, and an evil non human spirit was… Seek More