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Documented Record for Ancient Lore


Literacy is interesting. Previously the only sanctioned literacy was of the priesthood, and only of the sacred texts. The word “talisman” was a reference to magicians marks, or to make marks like a magician. Tally was to make marks on… Seek More

The Keys of Alchemy


Did alchemists really try to change matter to something else like gold? They experimented with matter to confirm or refute their theories. What were their theories? A cycle of creation, or arising. The elements didn’t all just pop up, they… Seek More

Fissure in Time

Parallel Worlds

The world is not over yet, but it is coming to an end? The world ends right now. Right now I see things differently, even now, just ended again, changed my mind, there my world ended again. Are you looking now?… Seek More

To Divine


Divination is perhaps the most simple metaphysical practice possible, and so people naturally tend to get into a lot of trouble with it. For every culture (I mean literally every culture), there have been one or more oracles. Oracle is… Seek More

Color of Magic

Colors of Magick

All magic and any energy is basically a form of “light.” By connecting to a color, or a domain of function, you do take on more of that energy. It’s all vibration, energy waves.  Anyone have a color of magic… Seek More

Word Magic


Bibliomancy is divination using books, or more specifically words. Some form of bibliomancy has existed for a long time, from runes to prophetic poetry. Is all about the power of words … i ka ‘olelo ke ola, i ka ‘olelo… Seek More

Use Of Metaphor


I chose the topic of metaphor, because all metaphysical practices as well as paranormal and spiritual experience includes it. It has nothing directly to do with the truth or falsehood of any experience. This is part of why some people… Seek More

Doing It Wrong


My interest is in postulating what personal benefits might be expected in a given framework by purposefully introducing the seed of chaos into an otherwise stable system? Doing it wrong? I help my wife “do it wrong”. It goes surprisingly… Seek More

Wider Arcana


There are relics of the old tarot arcana still in popular awareness, thus being “behind the eight-ball” means you are unlucky. That is from the minor arcana. This is also why the eight ball is solid black. It’s directly linked… Seek More

To Imagine


Did anyone make up imagination? Who invented it? Who imagined it? I imagine imagination? No, but you have thoughts about imagination, which gets in the way of imagination. Imagination is only a word. Yes. It doesn’t even refer to a… Seek More