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Embrace the Truth


Two subjects go together well: bonding and harmlessness. “Unity” would be both topics as one word. What is called “love” ultimately… unconditioned. I will discuss the conditions people labour under and perhaps why they arise, and how we can own… Seek More

Love Beyond Limits


There is a love beyond human limits. It is the peace that allows balance in the planets eco-systems. It’s the rhythms that perpetuate life on this world despite some species being so determinedly self destructive. It is our nature which… Seek More

Finding your Path


How do I find my path? This is a question most people ask. In Taoism, they say if in anything you encounter resistance, it is not it, but yourself. You encounter resistance because you haven’t found the way of your… Seek More

Hell on Earth


The spiritual insights of the Norse religion can be summarized as a collection of intuitive metaphors called “kennings”, and we still use the word. They governed community meetings, called “things.” This is how their communities were governed, and skalds kept… Seek More

Role Playing

Role Play

One of the appeals of fantasy role playing even in the way it started which was Dungeons & Dragons, was that the characters from mythology (the heroes) are ultimately us and represent all the types. Those types still exist, just… Seek More

Peace is Like Gravity


I have had trouble with peace in the world. My big problem was that my nature was rejected. I was told that I was weird, scary, strange, evil. We have to find peace in ourselves first, but I fought. I… Seek More

Learn from Feeling


Centering is one of those so simple it seems impossible sort of things, but in fact centering is as simple as forgetting to breath. People tend to have breathing trouble not because they forget to breath, but because they are… Seek More

Animal’s Power

Cat Totem

We can all learn from animal’s power and to be more like the traits in the animals as they are in their pure form. It brings out good things in us as we have similar power in ourselves. Thus we… Seek More

Allow Anger


Anger can take two forms, either a galvanizing certainty which is solid and even helpful, or a misdirecting blindly destructive and poorly understood berserking which is destructive. Is this also why you may speak in anger, but actually speak constructively… Seek More

Notice That You Are


Interpersonal expectations, they seem almost a certain recipe for grief, no? I tend to live by trusting a dog to poo on the carpet. It isn’t about any personal assault. It is just how the dog is. Then it’s marvellous… Seek More