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Sloth As Human Nature


I intend to explore sloth as a facet of human nature, as well as its impact and other related issues. Sloth is defined as a disinclination toward doing any work, and it was and is still a recurrent phase in… Seek More

All Is Available


Plato attributes the rise of misanthropy (hatred for humanity) first to trust of humanity. An inclination in the individual to see all human beings as entirely virtuous. Then as their faith in humanity proves untenable, they developed first the disconnection,… Seek More

Acts Of Ego


I have laughed in intense horror. I have laughed in incredible shame and pain. I came to this point because in my youth I spent a great deal of time in tears. I came to grieve so deeply that I… Seek More

Virtue To Vice

Tree of Shadow

Another virtue?¬†Thrift. I will go with thrift, also called prudence or sound judgement. The dedication to thrift leads to wise disposition of resources, and accomplishing the greatest good possible in the present moment, at any time. It seems very wise,… Seek More

Tree Of Shadow Followers

Tree of Shadow

Any questions about the tree of shadow, or what someone who really follows it is like? What are they like? How do we spot them? They acquire an earthy, elemental quality. They have a positive reductionism. When all is seen… Seek More

Congealed Blood


The sacred is the lifeblood of the world. When people of any culture praise whatever vision of divinity they revere, they praise that divinity for the gifts of life itself. “This is my blood… Drink it” would have been enormously… Seek More

Take Ownership


They say charity starts at home, and this is true. Charity is a virtue. If you are unwilling to return any good to the world, you obstruct any potential for the furtherance of that good. So eat the apple, plant… Seek More

Asteroth Corruption


In human conscious- ness there has been some serious ambiguity. Humanity has been maturing very slowly as seen from a human point of view. One of the inner conflicts is the issue of who is actually the bearer of the… Seek More

Using Asteroth as Patron


Any questions about using Asteroth as a patron in theurgy? Ah yes, did you get to that? I did, but only in part. I described the connection, but this is how you use it. You know your inner dialogue? You… Seek More