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Spiritual Q&A


Here are a few questions that I have received in some of my talks. Maybe you’ve wondered as well.  If our ancestors and family who have passed over are supposed to be watching over us, what exactly are they doing? … Seek More

Psionic Force


The difference between psionics and psychology is that in one it’s just an observation of symptoms and feelings. Psionics is the power of the mind in an objective, physical state. Most people don’t need to be subject to psionic violence… Seek More

Stories Of Life


Who doesn’t have stories? Who does something that isn’t play? I think we are stories. We are stories and we are more. We are the shapers of stories. Problem is, we have some serious issues, like we believe things are… Seek More

Strong Engagement


Romance can apply to any relationship, even a temporary one such as a discussion. You have a romance when there is strong engagement. I was immersed in the romance of the Olympics. Sports is engagement hence romance? All sport is… Seek More

Analysis of Tension: Being Good

Ready to share your tensions? Wasn’t she next? Doesn’t matter to me. Me either. Yes, it does. You just shared one of your tensions, so I will go with it. You are having trouble reconciling your desire for autonomy with… Seek More

First Celebrations


The first celebrations were ceremonies inspired by mans experience of nature. The idea of a party as we know it today would have seemed strange, pointless even. There is still a culture in Africa to this day that lives much… Seek More

Natural Fear


Today’s topic is fear, and I have spoken about it before. Today, I intend to speak a bit more positively about fear. Hopefully, it will be a constructive line. Fear is the ability to recognize danger, and as that, it… Seek More

Game Of Life


Why do people get so defensive about life being called a game? Because it challenges their choices. They question the choices they have made, and thus they have to be able to convince themselves that they had no choice, or… Seek More

Metaphysics Of Sport


The topic is sport. I would like to invite you first to share your personal definition of sport. I usually think of it as physical competition although that is often debated. Sport could mean play as in being a good… Seek More

Fairness In Sport


We teach that in a game, no matter what the outcome, as long as you do your best then wining or loosing doesn’t matter. But some leaders of the sport teach that winning is all there is. That sends a… Seek More