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Networking Reality


A big part of why empathy suffers in today’s society is that they think they see the other’s view. But they put themselves into their own construct. That isn’t empathy. It’s actually pretty depersonalizing. They cannot even see themselves, feel… Seek More

Secret of Grounding


Remaining grounded, sort of like an electrical circuit. It’s a very broad topic. Every world tradition has spoken of it and its necessity in one form or another. Honestly, if you aren’t pursuing “spiritual practices”, there is a tendency in… Seek More

Why Not?


Science has now proved it to be a fact that distance doesn’t seem to matter for “like affects like.” Yet some people hesitate to link quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement with spirituality. They are both difficult subjects. All science was at… Seek More

Rest vs. Stagnation


The difference between coming to rest in life and stagnation. Very different dynamics. We often feel that anything in life must be our decision. That we have to be in control. So we often set rhythms in our life that… Seek More

Force of Will


Are we never to force our will on life? People think that without force, without “taking initiative”, we would never express ourselves at all. Never do or create anything. We are told any creation is an act of will. Everything… Seek More

Natures Wisdom


We often dilute the bodies wisdom and thus natures wisdom, by deluding ourselves that thought is superior to instinct. That wisdom is something we achieve. That we can gain it by being educated, “smart”. All mysticism and wisdom traditions contradict… Seek More

Addiction vs. Practice


Mortification of the flesh to what purpose, dis-identification? Yes, indeed.  When people still undertook it with the proper intent, but it has no merit if it’s merely a self destructive act. Are there not other ways less destructive to dis-identify?… Seek More

Anxious Faith


You never solve a problem with the awareness that it is a problem. As a matter of fact, it’s often that awareness that helps create that problem in the first place. It’s a pretty common state of mind and therefore… Seek More

Don’t Worry, Imagine


Anxiety is a very real force, and it destroys things in our lives. You cannot solve a problem in the same state of mind that you become aware of it in. It’s that state of mind that gave rise to… Seek More

Personal Responsibility


Hope in this day and age seems a much maligned feeling. Yet we deal with levels of mental illness that have never been known before. Stress related illnesses are our biggest killers, and yet we are admonished to be realistic,… Seek More