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Natures Wisdom


We often dilute the bodies wisdom and thus natures wisdom, by deluding ourselves that thought is superior to instinct. That wisdom is something we achieve. That we can gain it by being educated, “smart”. All mysticism and wisdom traditions contradict… Seek More

Voodoo Practice


Voodoo is basically African Shamanism. There was a first great spirit, the source of all life and creation, but he created the world not as separate from himself but as an act of self expression. Dancing. As he revealed more… Seek More

Relationship with Spirit


I wonder how Machiavelli would be seen back in the day? As you know, Machiavelli had considerable influence as a strategist, but not much virtue. His power came from “not revealing the rules of the game”, and for supposedly not… Seek More

Ritual Path


There are basically two ritual paths, and you will find one or the other in any faith. An exoteric path and an esoteric. An ecstatic path or a contemplative, same thing. Though one is seen as holy and is approved,… Seek More

Witchcraft: A Natural Magic


It’s actually quite interesting how very far from gone witchcraft is. It wasn’t really shamanism, and wasn’t driven by a tribal view of nature. The phrase old wives tales for example. It does not always refer to the lore of… Seek More

Application of Spirit Flight


Earlier, I worked with someone on a simple process of navigation and analysis, but even that can’t be performed without some connection on the spirit level. Here is her experience: “It was interesting. One of the main things that was… Seek More

Strength is a Virtue


Is it some peoples nature to control? To a degree yes.  It is visible in animals also, the “alphas”. But human alphas tend to distort and thus debase that instinct. They take natural instincts and warp them and make them… Seek More

Image as Mirror

Image Magick

Images serve as a mirror. Image magic works by what is called in hermetic philosophy, the law of sympathy. Like affects like. When you see something in the world that is in you, you actualize what is in you in… Seek More

Rites of Death


Death rites are perhaps the most universal in there nature and there significance. The lore behind death rites is as big as religion, science and magic itself, and the rites of death are really rites of life. They differ as… Seek More

Law of Sympathy with Familiar Spirits


We can perhaps call a familiar spirit if none have noticed us, and we can also select as well? One might not have the qualities I’m looking for. Yes, actually. If you want to connect more with say a primal… Seek More