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Return to the Garden


The Druids were not a dogmatic people, and it would be entirely reasonable if you see gnosis in nature, to adopt the Druid name. You would not dishonour the ancestors having no static doctrine and gaining wisdom from observances of… Seek More

Exploring Religion


One World, Many Paths holds spirituality discussions in the virtual world of Second Life. Join us there to meet like minds and explore your path. ~~~~~ I’m an atheist, but I find religion very interesting. Especially mysticism, druidism, Wicca. It… Seek More

Psionic Animism


I will start with some simple explanations of psionics before I get into anything more involved. Psionics is the understanding, development, and practice of the powers of the mind. Everything from precognition to empathic healing. If it’s “consciousness only” paranormal… Seek More

Practice Of Religion


Religion is from the Latin world religio, which was their word for practice of any kind. Legal is also a word that comes from the same root. It’s hard to name one body of beliefs (well, it’s really impossible), and… Seek More

Region Of Darkness

Dark Practice

The dark side is the realm of the dead or angry spirits? Actually, only connects to it. It is the realm of ghosts, and is actually the mirrored possibilities of the world made manifest. No potential can exist without becoming… Seek More

Faith In Practice


People should choose their participation in sport in the same way they choose their spiritual path? Neither is right or wrong? Yes. The reason perhaps for the spectacular falls and failings of our modern hero Gods is their lack of… Seek More

Highly Charged Thought Forms


One model for the possible existence of incorporeal undead might be found in highly charged thought forms. In general, many people have memories of any specific person who might die. As both the memory of the person in life, and… Seek More

Voodoo & Hoodoo


Some topics I do require some anchor in peoples personal experience. I have no intention of beating around the bush as they say. I just have to have the groundwork for the main ideas to make sense. So shall we… Seek More

Voodoo Thought


Perhaps some clarification of Voodoo thought as it relates to the Bible. Some of the Voodoo practices that are seen as so sinister have regular precedent in the Old Testament, even in the New Testament and in those books the… Seek More

Wicca Roots


Now I must apologize in advance. Tonight’s class will be my best effort at encompassing a subject that is not easily traced let alone analyzed. No offence meant with anything. Wicca is what would be called a syncretic religion similar to American… Seek More