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What loneliness stems from is an error in the development of a sense of identity.

Taking Responsibility in Paradigm

Humankind is juvenile. I saw on the History Channel that according to some ancient records, extraterrestrials referred to Earth as the Planet of the Children. It won’t remain that way. That stage is ending, but we can do it gracefully.

These trends of mind we experience, they aren’t accident. The fads don’t arise because people are defective. We don’t have to resign ourselves to taking any suggestion handed to us. We can make them, and also realize consciously where they are coming from.

Do you think we have now moved into an adolescence of consciousness where we are trying to find our identity as a spiritual species (humans)? I do, indeed.

Perhaps the most basic sense for us to rely on is our empathy. The green movement didn’t arise because a subculture is just a bunch of pointless bleeding heart hippies. We share our reality with nature. We can feel nature and we are feeling its pain. We can feel it calling us to change. We don’t absolutely have to regress to old ways of living with the earth. But we can’t stick with the current one either, nor can we totally ignore the old memes, the old symbols or ideas. Our ancestors gained those for a reason, but we can relate to them in new ways. You have to be willing to put down a paradigm before you can consciously pick it up and use it.

The depression and anxiety from ignoring what our minds know as true. From ignoring what our spirits feel as true. That is the cause, yes. You have to be able to live with your consciousness before you can live as a conscious being.

If you cannot first see the “spiritual” objectively, you will not be able to consciously live in the spirit of it. The worlds oldest creation myths start with the universe as a monster. Often a serpent or dragon, but sometimes giants or old Gods. We regard objects of horror objectively, and in the past they lost their horror as familiarity bread contempt. The horrors became the powers of heaven, the root of authority, the father of nations.

I started the universe with “A Wish”. But what went wrong is the removal of man from the spirit, from the primal reality. When we made of truth a God, then we made truth a human and thus a liar. We made a father of lies and thus fathered our own devil. Thus we came up with the phrase “the devil made me do it” and many believe that their lives are just dancing to the song of the pied piper through the sewage of our current culture.

Anything we give enough energy to will come into being in some form. And you give energy when you give attention. All I am proposing is taking personal responsibility for this. Seeing our source of energy. It is available and perceptible, especially in this stage we are moving into.

We are experiencing a spike in anxiety, because it’s really sinking in that the consensus is broken. But we won’t heal this by falling back to sleep. Your form is not an accident. Our consciousness and your potential for thought is not an accident. It need neither be circumstantial, accidental, or incidental.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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