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The way of thought is the way of definition. A focusing of the minds eye to see details better. People mistake control for artifice, though artifice inevitably fails.

The Ground You Stand On in Grounding


Today, I thought we would talk about grounding as knowing the ground you stand on both metaphorically and literally.

People do claim they know where they are at and where they are going. On what do they base these claims?

Seeing what they have and knowing what they want? What they have is ash, and what they want is delusion.

Those are radical things for me to say, so I will clarify. All that you have is mutable like a cloud blowing in the breeze. Why it endures is really a mystery, but this has nothing to do with human failing. So all of what you have will not remain fixed, and not being able to stay where it is… How can you use it as any form of decent reference point?

It’s a reference point we have to keep changing? It’s a reference point that will change without any effort on our part, but we fail to notice when it does. They say hindsight is 20/20, but hindsight to my view is just as blind as foresight.

Now to the issue of what you want. When determining what you want you reflect on what you know of the world, which is of necessity limited by your experience and limitations. And whatever item you identify, be it a material item or a circumstance, is just as inherently mutable as anything you perceive yourself to have right now. So how do you know where you are?

There are things that endure, but what lasts is not anything that is immediately available to your conventional sense of things. How do we know that we survive?

Continued breathing? Breathing is mutable and can be suspended without loss of life, though temporarily.

I think therefore I am? You do not think now as you did at age two. Therefore, did you cease to exist then somehow reform? No, but thinking does continue. Yes, and not of itself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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