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The Miracle Of Being In The Body by Sherry Woodcock in Guest Articles

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I am struck at times by the magnitude of being here. If I really try to grasp the perfection that our existence is born of, I feel like I will never doubt again. “Miracle” doesn’t seem a grand enough word to describe the gift of being, in this perfect body, with the ups and downs of my life perfectly suited to leading me toward the light of truth, in a world that supports this path for all of humanity. Consider that!

The longer I live, the more awed and grateful I am for the creative genius that expresses as and through each of us, and our world. Our planet, our experiences with each other, even our bodies reflect a reality that could never be any less than flawless.

I remember taking anatomy and physiology when I was studying Nutrition Science at the University of California, Davis. I was just beginning to feel the urgings of the God within me, seeking to know herself. That class just might have been my first inkling that there is a profoundly benevolent good working at a level we usually don’t notice. That class was so meaningful for me probably because, thanks to things like microscopes, I was able to actually see with my own eyes the unimaginable perfection manifesting as us.

As I learned about the amazing interworking of the body’s systems, I realized that the universe of our bodies exemplified the workings of our bigger universe, born of vast intelligence, love and truth. I found God there, learning about the miraculous design of our bodies. For me, there could be no stronger proof that God exists than the perfectly functioning complexity of the body.

How often, in the middle of day-to-day life, do we stop to revel in the indescribable gift of having these glorious bodies, and of the unlimited potential that expressing God through physical form provides. It is through our bodies that spirit goes beyond being, to experiencing being.

Here, in this moment, our hearts beat, and we are filled with that mysterious essence called life. We are able to choose how we want to respond, who we want to be, and how we will best express the glory of just being here. As perfect spirit expressing as a human life, we are provided with the miraculous opportunity to know ourselves as the spirit of God, unlimited creators in our own right.

Our Unity minister suggested recently that we ask this question of ourselves, “Who am I willing to be, in this moment, to create an extraordinary outcome?” That, to me, is the crux of the miracle of being in a body. As life presents opportunity and challenge, love and loss, confusion, doubt, and unshakeable faith, how we decide to respond in an eternity of moments brings us forever closer to consciously choosing to live as God.

So let your choices be, as much as possible, ones that serve the highest good. Let them be based on what will bring the most love, and the most joy, into your life, and the lives of others. Tend to what you hold as truth as you would tend a beloved garden, pruning shoots of fear where you see them, and making ample room for the shoots of ever-growing trust in yourself, and in this amazing process called life, to grow strong.

Sherry Woodcock
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive


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