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It is good to be all in one place, many people rarely are.

The Three Fates in Advice


The first fate is the creative principle. You can see her work on a daily basis. As your brain spins off every little random thing, and you overhear so many things, both the seemingly meaningful and the nonsensical, you are influenced by this principle. It’s why scientists are so enthusiastic about the concept of hetero-suggestion. Neuroscientists are big on exploring the concept of priming. With just a little set up, your brain will begin to function in an entirely predictable way, and you will claim ownership of the process as if you made the conscious decision to think that way, to come to that conclusion.

A great way to manipulate people.

They have discovered that there is a concrete language of rhythm and tone, that shows up in our music as well as our speech, that is universal. This, is why they can decode things like prairie dog calls and dolphin song now. Originally, we had much to gain by being able to understand the mood of the bird song around us, or what the cry of a small mammal might mean. We still do understand these things but have become unconscious of them. They operate like suggestion. One big mass of suggestion from the environment around us that we also feed our own information and perceptions into. It doesn’t matter what the person thinks or feels about you, whether they like you are not, your words, tone and behaviour will have an impact on theirs no matter how hard they try to ignore you.

So how you say things is very important. Yes indeed, let’s call this the spinner principle. Ask any social scientist, spin matters a great deal. It can make or break your control of any population, even the army of voices in your head.┬áThe fate known as Clotho was the spinner.

The next principle is the aloter, the measurer, and we have many things filling this role in our world and in us. They teach us to do this religiously, do they not?

We are forever stuck in considering; How much? What is it worth? Even in contemplating the meaning of an experience we still compulsively use phrases that ascribe worth to a thing. We speak of taking the measure of a person giving advice before we follow it. This is the reason the advice cycle has gone so badly.

You are the measurer. Have you felt enriched from all these measures? All this figuring of value in your life?


You can’t say anything to parents if you aren’t a parent, can’t say anything to doctors if you aren’t a doctor. That’s one of the breaks in the tapestry right there, the concept of authority.

In ’30 Rock’, in one scene, we see the world through Jack Donaghy’s eyes, and everything object and person has a price on them.

We have expertitis.

I used to watch talk shows as a teen, and the first thing the “bad” guests said was something like how they got kids and how hard it is to raise their families like it gives them an excuse to not take actions to change what isn’t working for them.

This fate is Lachesis by name, and she does her job only if her measures remain even, relevant to all other considerations.

And ultimately we come to the cutter. The cutting room floor of everyone’s life story, the inevitable. Who is ultimately in control of reality? Who are we to blame for all the failure we experience? Who’s in charge of this circus anyway?

Probably no one.

If anyone understood anything, then how is it failure ever occurs? If we have any concrete basis for relating to the world at all, then why haven’t we applied that faculty to everything?

I guess you feel like a failure when you can’t get the motivation to even try changing. You are already a failure. It’s best to get over it.

Success in one area causes failure in another.

This is the fate known as Atropos, where we get the word atrophy from, and grandmother death holds the secret of eternal life but nobody has much been willing to listen to granny. Can you see what she has been telling us? She knows the true secret of success, everyones ultimate potential.

She is a quiet but dependable voice.

But it’s found only in her domain, in the breaks, the cuts and the gaps. They are finding more and more that humans behave much like a hive species despite their apparent autonomy. The wisdom of the human species is not found in the algorithms it follows, in the consensus measures and assessments. It’s isomorphic. It arises in the blind spots created by the huge mass of definitions. We ignore the bedrock of reality in favour of the illusion of understanding.

But no matter how much we ignore it, consciously, we are still aware of it subconsciously, and it still affects our behaviour, shapes our so called fate. Principles like memetics, Jungian archetypes and many more, all inhabit this level of unseen reality where we see not the apparent thing but the spirit behind it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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