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Do you remember what it was like before you were born? No? That’s the point. We are forever aborning. Each moment a new incarnation, and in each moment the original conviction is arrived at again. Yet for all our convictions we are still constantly aborning.

To Dare in Will


The second part of the motto “To Will and To Dare” is to dare. Daring. What is it to dare? And can you have daring without will?

To dare is to confront the universal will in your awareness, and to act despite the immensity of it. To confront the universal will, and to confront the personal will, is one in the same act, because all potential is present in all individual parts of this very whole holographic universe.

People avoid self knowledge because when confronted with the immensity of it, it becomes entirely inconvenient to choose sides in the drama that is popularly called the “real world”, and if you don’t pick a role then it becomes potentially very difficult to communicate and take accepted action in the consensus that people judge to be reality. But as superficial as the popular veneer is, there is a reality behind it. The paint job is on an actual structure, and the reason for keeping freedom from “attachment” is to allow oneself the volition to act in the context of that enduring reality. They change the paint job all the time, but the edifice has remained the same throughout human history.

So remain unbiased? Yes and no. The territory is not identical to the observer. To open the door you have to not be emotionally invested in the door staying closed. When you feel that reality has to be any single fixed way, you lose any sense of the structure and substance of reality at all. It all becomes a confusing jumbled mess. If you have never seen a TV and I asked you to use a remote to change the channel, you might find that request very upsetting because in your fixed world view there is not even such a thing as a TV, let alone any action you can take on it.

If you are attached to what you think a thing is, you cannot have a functional grasp on what it can be. You can’t keep using it functionally, if it has to remain fixed for your understanding to remain valid.

To dare is to “get out of the box” in the true sense? Out and in. It’s to take your place in relationship to the box. Make knowing choices about it.

They often use the term “out of the box thinking”. Usually it’s confined to a narrow system of thought. An accepted domain of operating with the box never being forgotten as a reference point. If you think the box in question is a law of the universe, the hypothetical immovable object, and then I kick it across the room, you will be in awe. Maybe even mistake me for godlike, dub me some abstract title like the “irresistible force”, but this crystallized thought will not empower you in relationship to the box, will it?

To dare is to take a stance characterized by an internal locus of control. You put the center of your experience in yourself, your “SELF” or will, and engage the world from that point rather than the perhaps more comforting womb of the first impression. Reality can only tell you so much, then you actually have to take the step of “knowing”. How long can you wait and see? What kind of life is that?

How many people live that life of wait and see, because they insist that something external has their answers and that they have to “be good” to get those answers? Anyone here figure anything out because the world told you? I haven’t.

Then the crash around mid life when you’re not getting those answers. Then people either wake up and get criticised by society, or go back to sleep. People are afraid to trust themselves, because someone sold them the bill of goods that world and self are separated in some mysterious way, and that they have to have the approval of a parent, authority, god, whatever. The divine already gave you its approval. This is why you exist. It also already gave you its wisdom. It’s written in your deepest nature, buried deep under all that convoluted thinking “about” things.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-intellectual. I am not trying to convince you there is any virtue to being empty headed. You can’t successfully empty your head anyway, but you can think with things instead of about things. They call this type of thinking a lot of things. This is the focus of all mysticism, really. This is why anyone has ever believed in divine revelation. There is something there, but you have to be “willing” and not so busy being “about” stuff.

Someone once asked what I was about. I personally am about nothing. If that makes me a non-entity than I will embrace that as liberation. If that makes me a scary monster, well… People only wake up reliably when they are scared.

I will say, Be you and be well.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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