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We don’t find freedom by knowing fear inside and out. We merely find that we can be free and hop back in the hole most times. People are in love with the devil they know.

Tolerance Is The Step in Tolerance


I will admit I do knowingly and with wilful intent practice ignorance. I practice ignorance, because I accept that I have time and feeling for only a limited number of issues. I have an inherently limited sphere of concern, but I do not make of my own ignorance a moral crusade. I would not impose my choice of items that I ignore on another human being.

We should exemplify tolerance in order to spread it. I agree that we should embrace in our living those values we espouse, but it’s not through an effort to proselytize, to convert. To insist that your presence be enough to sway another’s views is to defeat tolerance before you even start to show it. You must live your values despite issues in the world, not because of them. I am no ones shepard, and people are certainly not sheep, but I am my brothers keeper in that I have a relationship with my brother, and I alone am responsible for how I behave toward my brother. I “own” the relationship, because it occurs in my being, and may differ for them.

Is there anything anyone wants to share on tolerance?

To get to universal being (loyalty to being), you have to have it in your being. Despite its seeming absence in outward manifestation. Any truth will win out by virtue of its own inherent substance, or I offer that it lacked veracity of itself, no advocacy needed. Truth is God and God truth. No power can support or tear down truth, if truth indeed it is.

Truth needs no defence. And presence needs no approval. The world, as it presents itself to you, is the world.

Witnessing again. Yes. Being mindful not to bear false witness. Reflecting on your own tendency to see anything from a purely subjective point of view.

It’s amazing how we now just understand what was said 2000 years ago. Ancient wisdom now becoming clear, unfortunately long after the fact. It’s also said in the Bible, “The word of God is written upon the human heart.” As well as, “For God hath not given man a spirit of fear but of wisdom.” (I paraphrase there.) And God is love. In the presence of God, can there be no sin. Sin is error, recognition of error.

I need not tolerate when I embrace experience as the substance of life itself. Tolerance is the step, not the destination.

I hope these posts on Tolerance were worthy of your time, my friends. Some of these topics are tricky to handle with any grace or real erudition. A very good sentiment regarding tolerance is Namaste.

Your thoughts are welcome. Namaste, friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Bryan Vining

    A lovely post. Thanks.

    One additional thought in this regard. Failure to respect others choices is to diminish your own free will. If you choose to say that others are lesser because they make different choices, then you also circumscribe yourself to a narrow set of choices from which you cannot then deviate without perceiving yourself as lesser.

    You are free to do so, of course, but why would you wish to?

  2. Juin Charnell

    I have to say I disagree. Tolerance is something you do to a 2-year old you doesn’t understand that beating a pot is noisy and you tolerate the noise until they get tired and finally stop. But tolerance isn’t and doesn’t lead to understanding. I think tolerance allows for a lot of bad behavior that we pretend not to notice. So tolerance doesn’t work for me.

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