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Villainized in Dark Shamanism

Dark Shamanism

The dark shamans would often warn of troubles to come for the tribe. They were seen as “fates” and doom sayers. In the Germanic case, they even went underground for a time, opposing the new power for the weakness it would then break in their people.

Germanic dark shamans? Oh, there were the followers of “Black Thor” who was seen as the enemy of Christ and other such instances. They were not publicized. No black as in wearing black war paint and not having anything to do with Caucasian attitudes about the African American people. The shamans of America actually saw whites as undead, their returning ancestors, and they saw Christ as a god of the dead as well as death dealing.

Makes sense. He rose from the dead. Yes. The Native Americans took the stories very literally at first.

And so Christ is represented even by believers sometimes. including the ‘cannibalism’ of the Eucharist.

The Gnostics told the Christians the same thing ‘your god is a demon.’ Thusly, they were wiped out.

Eurynome, now known only in demonology as one of the demonic order, and seen as male, was originally a titan, a female earth goddess, one of the sisterhood of Black Madonna’s. Eurynome was not the only such spirit to be given a sex change as describing the spirit as male compromised the original sense of empathy the people had for the spirit.

A tranny titan. Not originally. That was introduced by outsiders as was the demonization of Pan. The goat was originally a life affirmative totem spirit, a spirit embracing joy, fertility, and even artistic creativity. It would only later be seen as a self-serving, baby eating hedonist. Anything mysterious is easily villainized, even the word villain. Anyone familiar with its original meaning?

Villager, peasant. Villain was a village dwelling artisan owing no obligation to a noble. So masons, smiths, wrights, the whole lot.

Like how the Republicans characterize the occupy movement…bums. Yes, but the villains were also often less subject to church pressure as well. The church was predominately an extension of the power of the nobles as anyone not in line for a title could go on to take a leadership role as a priest even giving supposed credibility to the secular leaders claims of nobility. This is why you hear the phrase “divine right of kings.”

Or like the Romans characterized anyone outside their borders: Barbarians.

Basically control freaks demonizing those that refused to be controlled. Indeed.

Another example was the word tyrant. The original Greek term meant hero of the people as the tyrant would be the one who came along and removed a leader who had become too autocratic, thus restoring the rule of the people.

Does that have any relation to the Phoenician city Tyr? It does yes, having its origin’s there.

How did it get switched around? Because in time the politicking became warmongering, as those leaders became wealthier and more powerful and the violence had to be blamed on someone as they say, so they blamed it on the one who shifted the power structure.

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