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Hi, low and in between also. You should always greet people however they approach you. I think we should greet people with the word “Sideways”, it’s much more dynamic.

What do you think of our site? in General


This site has evolved naturally as posts have been added in the area of spirituality, psychic function and world beliefs.  We’re in the process of figuring out how to describe the overall theme of the site to better attract readers (eg. spiritual guide, self help guide, motivational, self improvement, spiritual coach, etc.).  How would you describe it to your friends?  What type of person would be interested in reading it, and what service does it provide them?

Based on what you’ve seen on this site, any feedback would be appreciated.  What do you as a reader see this to be? What topics would you like to read about?

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Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Robin Harger

    Its an interesting site, some very good stuff in it. Yes BUT it is hopelessly confusing, spread out in all directions with little rhyme and less reason. Time-consuming to trawl through…..1) So it needs an overall structure ie such as maybe three fundamental categories, everyday: spiritual : divine. I do not really know but I suppose Spiritual levels should comprehend the ideal plan.2) You might then sit down and list out something like 2-3 sequenced non-overlapping sub-categories to place under each category according to your own lights. Quite possibly fewer than 3 certainly no more than 4. Make these into a tree format that could be displayed on 1 page (as a site-plan). (the above 2 items are initially pencil and paper exercises)Go through your posts and assign them to your new structure (keep the links to the existing outlay so the continuous expansions can be reclaimed via side-branches)I mean crystal consciousness is nice, interesting, even helpful to lost beginners. It can also help to obtain advancement in focused chakra meditation but these two aspects of consciousness are not directly linked by the crystals themselves. There are levels of spiritual development that are better containers than are the crystals as compartments.

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