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What Makes the World Turn? in Law of Negative Attraction

Law of Negative Attraction

How many of you here have attempted to work with the law of attraction?

Physically, or socially? Either or both.

I have worked with it. Socially, I guess.

I suppose I have.

How did that go?

I found what works for me.

I tried to test it, and it worked.

Well, by putting energies into something in the social environment, it supposedly attracted similar energies…

Why do so many people report it not working for them?

They didn’t believe it would in the first place?

The world has, among its many features, a complex web of sympathetic relationships. Any event that can occur does so because conditions are sympathetic to its occurrence. Even many scientists are saying that what exactly occurs is more the product of uncontrollable circumstance than actual intention, a sort of rule of random chance, everything shifting just because it’s balanced that way, a sort of inertia to reality.

The reason I bring this up is that, at least to my point of view, reality can’t both incorporate intention and coincidence. You have to ask yourself, what actually makes the world turn? What actually makes events happen? Is it simply a complex set of physical and chemical reactions?

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If it is what science seems to want to claim it to be, where is the physical basis for emergence of things like culture and technology? How is it possible to discover and practice science if nothing can happen beyond a simple set of physical laws?

They have recently been able to witness the emergence of new positive genetic mutations in bacteria. The old theory wasn’t able to hold up. That it would take ages for a positive adaption to arise and the species would just have to survive that long. It couldn’t account for how rapidly bacteria and viruses can adopt new traits, new and more virulent strains. What they discovered is that genes can do double duty. A gene that primarily performs one function can have secondary traits that potentially perform another function given the right changes in the environment.

Epigenetics? Yes. Shifts in diet or stress behavior, and the cell begins to spawn what are effectively copies of the old gene, but with an emphasis on the new trait, effectively, an entirely new feature.

I read something about iguanas adapting to the Galapagos happened much faster than they initially thought. There is evidence of that happening in many species. It’s why the concept of “invasive species” is such a worry.

Tree lizard knows to go underwater and eat sea weed, and with enough eating of seaweed and dwelling in water, traits supporting that will come to predominate.

This is promising given climate change pressures.

So my reason for bringing that up is as a physical model for what we are talking about tonight, the Law of Negative Attraction.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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