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Energy follows two identifiable patterns, action and rest and we don’t get to choose to exclude one.

Will In Song in Druidism


You can even practice divination with Bardic magick. Ever notice when you are relaxed and maybe talking to yourself a little bit, you will sometimes say something you didn’t expect to say? And learn something from it? That’s Bard magick, just a bit sloppy, stifled. Singing makes you loosen your control of that. When you pick up the inner rhythm the insight flows more smoothly.

Maybe spontaneous humming is it trying to get through? Yes.

My own methods are not Bardic. To describe my own in the Bardic tradition, I would be a changeling. Someone who looks like a man but acts and thinks and sees like a spirit. So my insights come from there. It was acknowledged among the people of the Bards that some of their children were different. Cursed, though originally not seen as damned, and these twisted children would come to influence their communities in ways the villagers were not comfortable with. Eventually, the changeling would move out of the village.

Maybe Bard magick would explain it better. The changeling was the screech in the song of man that still defines the song all the more clearly.

If you took a spell and sang it, would that give it Bardic Magic? It would, yes. It can give your magick more power by singing as long as your singing flows. Again, it doesn’t have to sound good. You just have to be able to relax in it.

Is the Iliad from Bard magic or its equivalent? Yes, it is.

The young rappers on the street are kind of a resurgence of Bards? They are, yes. If they knew what they were doing their power could grow much stronger. Perhaps it’s fortunate they do not.

I can’t rap to save my life. Well, clarity and flow matter most. You may discover that it’s easier than it seems.

If one spontaneously starts singing a song, are the words apt to be relevant to one’s life? Yes, they are. Even if you don’t believe in magick, it will cause you to do what psychologists might call freestyle word association. That’s one of their tools for getting at buried feelings in the human mind.

So yes, Bardic magick is both potentially very useful not only to heal, but as a form of learning and even will working. Ever find yourself singing an angry song when you are frustrated with someone, and though it calms you down the person who was frustrating you becomes strangely cooperative for no apparent reason?

When you unleash your will in song, even though you sing in private, it moves out from you and touches everything you were thinking about. If you are thinking self pity, then your song will make the condition that makes you feel sad about yourself. But if you are thinking about how life should properly be, the music will move it that way.

One of my friends borrowed some of my punk rock records when she broke up with her boyfriend. She wanted to hear angry music. Angry music can be healing.

So, if a song puts you in a good mood, then it has magick? Indeed it does.

The mystery of Bard magick is strange like that. Music is more of the spirit than it is of the mind, so it follows the spirit world rules. Listening to Guns and Roses “I Think About You”, and it strengthens my spirit as I think about my wife. Also, music taps the power of suggestion. Lyrics become statements of intent. If the song describes a life you want, if you give your emotion over to it then it will shape your energy into that life, given time.

When I was looking for a boyfriend, I made a play list of happy love songs and listened to it all the time. It work? Yes. Take long? It took a little while. A season. Bards spoke of things in terms of seasons, and said everything would come to pass in the next season. It takes a while for you to become one with the song. Until then the song is not yours and won’t work for you. But once the song works for you, it will keep working until you don’t vibrate with it anymore.

Long ago, I noticed that whenever I played the song “Ready for Love”, I’d meet some weird guy. I stopped playing it. You attract those who resonate with the same song.

Be well and sing when you feel it. It’s not only fun, it’s powerful.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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