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Wisdom of Profanity in Profane


Some will be profane of something they hold sacred, won’t they?

The model is in order. Perhaps a description of the one wise in profanity. Those who have found the wisdom in profanity are the barriers of the dead. This is why so many cultures have viewed those who do that literally as innately profane.

Those who orient toward the sacred are seekers of hope. Those who have the wisdom of profanity cannot generally resist the urge to bring an image of the sacred down to earth. They bring it down to earth by insisting that it have what they would consider a real impact on physical reality. It could be said to live by a motto of “Show me or shut up.” Anyone identify with this?

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Few people have the astuteness to be able to show their beliefs. Ah, well, the moderates in the camp of the profane consider that people will show naturally what they can’t deliberately demonstrate.

May I ask you about your orientation with the profane?

I get very pragmatic. When I hear anyone speak about something as all good, even if I generally agree, I find myself offering counter views. The devil’s advocate.

Yes. The person just seems blind to me. Feel you serve that shared truth best by testing it?

Yes, and it can’t be used practically in its extreme form. You do seem to have a passion in this regard you might regret at times.

At times, I’m concerned that I polarize them deeper in their view.

I feel this is so familiar, similar to Jung’s acceptance of the collective unconscious. “Dark Eros” and so much more offering us what the “soul” (psyche) is hungry for. Indeed, apt comparison. Passion, zeal can exist on both sides of this unified coin. It is a trap for either sort of person.

And I polarize even more and then I wonder what’s going on because I didn’t even really disagree with them. You begin to fight like you are your own enemy.

It’s not the last word I’m looking for, it’s common ground.

I try to have the last word over myself all the time. You never can. You likely refuse to listen, which raises a point. With the realization of your own nature, you also come to see your imago, or fetch. For whatever you are, you will encounter the spiritual opposite of that, even to the point of evoking it in your own self.

I feel that everything we “evoke” might be in our own selves. Ultimately, that is the truth. When the student is ready the master appears, as they say.

So the profaner comes to hold it sacred? Yes, and the sacrodite will come to revile their personal charge. The hopeful come to hate hope. The loving come to resent love.

I prefer to see my world while standing on my good foot. I find it a liberating discipline, an excellent reality check in the face of everything that is supposedly destined to happen.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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