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Truth is transcendent and we each have our own truths.

You Are Alive in Loneliness


Would you say that loneliness is a result of having become unconnected to yourself and to the universe? Unconnected to your own essence? Yes. Unconnected from how you started, to where you spiritually started. You were meant to grow from there, start from there and move forward, not jump ahead and declare that you have grown up. You are meant to be someone’s mommy or daddy.  Really be, not a role. You are meant to be someone’s son or daughter.  Really be, not a role. Not to be molded like so much clay. You are really meant to be someone’s lover or partner.  Not their trophy. Not something they have because it proves they are a desirable man or woman. 

Our roles don’t enlighten, and the biggest obstacles to vision aren’t lies. In fact, lies are often very obvious and they can even highlight reality. Actually truths, the most blinding factors in life, are half truths. They are truth that you go half way with. The notion that you can pick the world apart and take only what you want.

You cannot have light without dark or dark without light, and you have to be willing to take both? Good and bad? You will take both anyway.

Cruelty comes when we objectify others. We say you should only love me and make me happy. Well last I checked people don’t do what they should, they do what they are. It’s the idea of should, role, expectations, that leaves us disappointed, that makes our love conditional, that makes us feel insecure because the whole relationship just feels fake because basically it is.

We are lonely, because we can’t just sit in a room by ourselves. We can’t just sit with another.  If you just sit, you won’t go away. If you just hug someone, it will be a real hug. If you let another just sit, maybe really look as they just sit.  Beware, you might see beauty. Just watch children, they won’t just sit but when young they don’t need to. They are acting from their inner spirit. They don’t have roles until they get a little older and pretend they are grown up which they either learn from TV or parents. It is pretending. Just sit, and you will find if you do that the length of time doesn’t matter. Things might look a bit different. You will want to get up and that’s fine. Maybe in that moment you will get up on purpose. If you just sit with your partner, you may feel the need to speak. That’s ok too. You may find you are moved to say “I love you”, which you may have forgotten while you were busy being a wife or husband.

We are one. Not because we are surgically all stitched together. Not because we aren’t individuals. But bottom line, we are live. We didn’t start our own life, nature did. We are here, and we are in a world that still has nature in it. Though we are hurting it just like we are hurting ourselves, we can stop.

Sounds natural? Let’s hope so. I hope people can recognize that.

I have really scary news for you. You are alive, and you are loving, and you do care.  Be where you are friends, and when you are ready be somewhere else. Be who you are and let that endure. No matter what you are doing, it’s how you do it anyway. Ultimately it is “you” doing it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Jeff

    Hey Travis, your hitting on something here quote “It’s the idea of should, role, expectations, that leaves us disappointed, that makes our love conditional, that makes us feel insecure because the whole relationship just feels fake because basically it is.”
    Conditional love is not love at all the way I see it. I love my wife as long as she fits my preconcieved notion of what a wife should be. When she doesn’t I will pressure her until she reconforms
    to my image of what she should be. Thats not love, thats enslavement. If you really love someone, you must really set them free. No expectations, free to come and… free to go. Let them be
    who they are, not who you want them to be.
    The only place your happiness can come from is from inside yourself.
    No person can hand that to you and if you are looking to someone else to give it to you; you will never have it. 😉

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