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You can nuture the spirit behind any circumstance and like anything nurtured it grows closer to you. It creates more events of its kind.

Your Strengths in Personality


You can claim nothing, say you embody all personality types and have nothing to use or build on, or you can get down to application. We can be nice and religious about this, but are my strengths your strengths?

There are things that are me, and there are things that are you. For me visual imagery, or symbolism, doesn’t come readily to me. So if I want to see the big picture, an “overview”, should I just sit and piece it together because I am everything? Or maybe I should turn to another who has a natural facility for the big picture? A broad view? Maybe who even likes to think that way?

The Meyers Brigs is the most respected personality test especially in commercial and employment circles. It acknowledges four dynamics, and does either describe you as one pole or the other. The dynamics are introverted/extroverted, thinking/feeling, sensing/intuitive, judging/perceiving.

Now in the types there is a fifth, but it isn’t an identifiable strength because it’s the fabric of everyone even existing. The fifth point in the elemental pentagram, spirit. We are not walled off from each other. In Chinese philosophy it’s called the Tao, and described as the space between notes in music that makes the sound a song.  This does not necessarily postulate a divine intelligence. It’s just a recognition of harmony and coexistence.

Myself I am not atheistic or theistic. Sort of Gnostic is the best term I have found, just speaking for myself.  I favour panentheism, but see pantheism as valid. Pantheism is the forces of the universe and the principles embodied as avatars in intelligences we can communicate with.  (In pantheism, “God is the whole”; in panentheism, “The whole is in God.”)

Can one be Christian and also have tendencies in the majik world? Yes, and much has been preserved by Christians. I’m not saying they were heroes, but it doesn’t serve to villainize in our situation.

For me, I believe in my astrological sign as it explains who I am to a tee, and I follow the guidance in finding a partner who suits my sign. There are some interesting contradictions between the Bible and orthodox doctrine. The Bible does literally state that the stars are both for signs and for seasons. The three wise men followed an astrological omen to meet with Jesus, and they were not Jewish, but even astrology divides the signs between the four elements.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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