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Want to be great? Want to be a marvellous success? Be willing to be an utter failure, and realize that neither is you. You are powerful beyond measure. Fearing making mistakes is also fearing miracles.

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Each day comes and goes, and when it goes, it really goes. Where does all that energy we expend on any given day go to?

It seems we can’t really control what sort of impact our day’s activity will have, because everyone else is having the same sort of day. Together, we strut, and fret, and rant, and smile, and weep, but we can’t preserve these moments. Does it really just disappear into oblivion?

In my experience, no it does not. Instead, the wisps of our individual souls expression seem to pool together, and form a memory that respects no one psyche’s view over any other, really. We partake of this communal state when we lay down for that little death we call sleep, but our activities do not really die. They instead serve as fertile ground for the next days events, though I would dare say we may not ourselves experience the “consequences” of every cause we were the authors of on the previous day, nor will it necessarily affect those in our immediate sphere of awareness either. They say there is only six degrees of separation between any two souls, and in my experience it’s a small world in more than an abstract sense. So I think though it seems to be otherwise, we don’t receive all of the consequences of our action whether they be good or bad, because there is a greater cycle that must be served for any of us to prosper.

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How many times must we make an effort before we see the success for ourselves? I offer that we can only see the success we seek when we let our “lives” be what they are, and our souls be what they are, and realize that our own wisdom has no virtue in it that can assure any outcome no matter how “good” or how driven we are. If there is any orchestrating intelligence managing this recycling of our energies, I hope that I will eventually get the “memo” and can move in the world in such a way that all who are effected by my efforts are bettered, and my offering is found acceptable.

Rather than do I say,

Be well friends.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive
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