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I think therefore I think. I think too much. Egad! I can’t stop thinking.

A Ride in Your Head in Anger


Any student of logic knows that logic is just a form of cognitive reality checking.  It is a function of the monkey mind taken to a cerebral level, and logic can be satisfied by any consistency. This is why even now psychology says that any belief that is commonly held by your culture cannot be classified as delusion. You acquire the belief because it’s a forced functionality even if it’s entirely wrong.

Like the belief in God? It can be a belief in God, or a disbelief in God. You adopt it, because it’s what allows your place in the herd and you do need that. You need someone to hire you and to not judge you as crazy.  But no matter what, the reptile brain is still there and still responding to the same old threats. The monkey mind is there and has a sense of human harmony.

Your anger will still be there, and you won’t be angry about the truth. You will be angry about what you think is the truth. You will be angry about what you believe to be true, your beliefs. Even if it’s just simple rejection from a mate, you will elaborate on it. You maybe just want to be held, but you will make a drama about why they won’t hold you. You will add stuff, even they will add stuff, and it will all seem very real, but it’s just a ride in your head. A merry go round, and you can get off.  It can happen in meditative sessions. It can happen when confronted with the reality of your own death. It can happen when you are so angry you can’t speak or move, and all you seem to be is that all consuming anger.

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The world is whole. It’s a complete thing. It’s not the parts you analyze it down into. Take it apart and you will find the truth that you have parts of a life, parts of a world, and none of it will make much sense. If I show you a bolt and it just happens to be from a car but I don’t share that with you, will you know that there is a car I got it from?

You are a whole human being. You don’t have to guess anything. You can experience being you, all of you; angry, lustful, loving, hungry, disinterested, and curious. You can just be curious. “I wonder what’s under the rock?” Good, turn it over for a bit. You can put it back there if you want, or not. We don’t have to treat out minds as special, as unreal. We don’t have to treat our feelings as insane. We didn’t really make the basic feelings. We make the thoughts. We make the decisions. The feelings are just there.

I can’t rationalize with my stubbed toe that I didn’t really kick a large rock and have it change anything. No amount of rationalization with your anger will make it go away. It just adds thinking to the anger and let’s be honest, how many of us actually have reason to trust our thinking? If we did then how come we come up against so many problems? Literally all of us. To a point you can trust your thinking, but we are better off if we don’t fence ourselves in like that.  The wisdom in the world, what inspired yoga, kung-fu, astrology which lead to weather observation, didn’t arise from a process of pre-determined guidelines, and proved thinking, and all our science.

Astronomy to calculate seasons? Astrology preceded that. They didn’t judge that the power of the weather was separate from the power of the stars, it was all just the sky. Even now we know that sun spots do affect storm activity and those fluctuations in our planets electro-magnetic field can precipitate increased meteorite showers. It could be that our ancestors sensed the same energy and those meteorites seemed to have a “spiritual” power.

We can sanitize all our observations, but would that give us the truth? Would we all agree to keep to these cleaned up ideas? Should we? So maybe the popular understanding of anger is mistaken, and maybe looking for others to either fix our anger or fix themselves so we won’t be angry at them, is even crazier still.

This is the idea I share; you are real, your feelings are real, your world is real, and it’s no ones fault. It’s just a world. You’re in it, now what are you going to do?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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