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New age thinking is based on grossly misinterpreted ancient thinking. If I’m following a trail and it goes off a cliff, I’m not going to jump off.

Warped Thinking in Anger


Redress isn’t revenge, and this brings us to the second brain that differentiates between the sources of things. It prevents us from trying to mate with a fence post or eat rocks. At least for most. Some people are remarkably deranged, but the early mammal brain told us that not only do I need to eat, but so does my mate. Not only do I need to mate, but I need to protect my young.

It’s the first power we have to choose. The first reptile brain just responds to senses. It doesn’t choose. It’s the part that tells us, “Smells like food, just eat it”, where the mammal brain says, “Smells like chili peppers, those give me heart burn, don’t eat it.”

Now the mammal brain still doesn’t think, not as we define thinking. It just remembers. It’s our power of memory and it sorts things. It says that feels good. It’s the location of the more complex fear reaction; “Dang gun fire, I might get shot, I should leave.”

Anger manifests here too in that we can remember past defenses and things that hurt us before. So far these things are good. We sort of need them to survive. Then the thinking brain kicks in called the neo-mammalian cortex, and we start thinking about the world, life, social standing, what we think we are and what others might think we are, and the very natural gets very warped. We start thinking that we aren’t the lizard and that we aren’t the wolf.

This is something only humans have right? The neo-mammalian brain? Yes, and thinking is a function of that level of the brain. Now I’m not speaking against thinking, what I’m speaking against is delusion. Those mind warping internal defenses that we set up for no purpose other than to sort our brains function so it looks ok to us and fits our pretty paradigm. Even for those with a darker view you have still judged it and have determined in your wisdom, which supposedly surpasses nature, that you are right.

Is overreacting the same as judgment? Yes actually.  Recognizing that gas isn’t fit to drink isn’t judgment. Recognizing that threatening body language might be a precursor to assault isn’t judgment.  It’s wisdom. It’s the oversteering that is judgment. The idea that not only should I avoid threatening body language, but I should avoid people just because they are capable of being threatening that is judgment. Is this in any way wise?

It doesn’t solve the problem of why you are angry. There are those who highly esteem logic and have made a big mark on consensual human thought. It’s why a lot of what I’m talking about gets so warped.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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