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You can change reality mearly by correctly directing peoples focus.

A Shadow Play in Self


How do I get rid of the scorpions in my life? What do you feel about the scorpions? And is that the only way you can feel about them?

They frighten me or I feel frightened. The apparent world around us is a shadow play. Guess what is making the shadow puppets?

Us. Not your thinking, and not your self as you pretend it to be, not as you think it is. Though you do dream of that self, you communicate to the world around you through emotional body language. When you sleep, the feeling returns to your being for a little while. The essential flow kicks back in, and you always dream in the way you really feel. You may think you like people but always dream as if you found them disgusting. Guess which feeling people would react to?

Does the dream feeling show through? Yes, but not in the behaviour of your body, not even in your words. A psychopath can hide all of those very well, yet everyone comments about the strange creepy feeling they got from them that they proceeded to ignore. Do you know why they ignored it?

Socialization? No. It is instinctive, animalistic, even supernatural if you will. The psychopath is to some degree more present and they are controlling their shadow puppets. Thus when they deal with people who are the product of their passive self image, or who believe they are, the contrast is very attractive, and the shared shadow play is very easy to manipulate.

Now back to scorpions… Just as your feelings are communicated to the world around you and the scorpions, their feelings are also communicated to you, and I am going to surprise you here maybe. You don’t feel fear of the scorpions, you think fear of them. You believe something else about them, perhaps even contrary to your conscious fear of them. Shall I take a stab at what that is?

Please do. You believe in scorpions presences, self interested and venomous predators. You believe in passive aggressive threat and unseen interests that have plans for you. Is this so?

Oh, so it’s what my mother used to scare me with? Yes, and you still believe it. Feelings not consciously moved remain at rest, and what you consciously think won’t matter one bit. I bet you have met people who know matter, productive and responsible they are, never seem to be able to rid themselves of a pest? They do all the right things. Even hire professionals, and the pests come right back.

Yes, my mom does that. She has ants doesn’t she?

Yes. Fire ants in the yard, and she’s always trying to get rid of them. They will go when she’s ready to stop believing in strife.

Ah. Ever been at a very relaxed persons home? And I mean relaxed, not depressed.

Yes. Did they have ants? Not that I know of. I bet they had flies though, is this so? I don’t remember.

Ever notice the most relaxed eating establishments always have flies? Yes. The uptight ones have ants. My point is, life is attracted to its own signal, and these relationships change only when the person can actually individuate.

How many people do you trust? Short list I bet.

Quite a few. Oh, yes? How many is quite a few?

I’ve been programmed not to trust anyone but I’ve worked on that and now I think most people are trustworthy. Trading one view for another won’t work. You actually still distrust. You feel you can trust now, well, I will explain… Did you know scorpions are very good mothers?

I know they carry their babies around with them. And they give preference to their well being, allow them to feed freely from kills, etc. You likely have a brood in your social group who is the nurturer?

It kind of shifts. I suspect not. The emotional flow naturally does, but the nurturer gets emotional support from his or her brood also. Maybe a slight change of terms, or more explanation… When your social group suffers, who is the first to act?

Define social group. Is it who I live with, my friends, work people? Your emotional intimates.

Ok, another path… How does suffering resolve in your emotional group?

If I have a problem I can talk to them, and they often come to me when something is wrong. Ok. The healer is often also the poisoner, the one who rights wrongs. Is also the one who most biterally resents them. Is this you? If not is there one in your emotional group?

It might be me. I can get carried away if someone hurts one of my friends. Why do you get carried away? Do you ever see a scorpion when you aren’t feeling carried away?

Once, I was angry, furious, and had a tantrum, then stepped on a scorpion. Yes. Ecosystems are not locations. They are relationships, and these relationships are guided by well being, by the force of feeling. Our kitten is more attracted to my wife than she is to me, or I should say more frequently.

But lately, I see them when I’m not upset though I’m usually a bit scared when I’m alone in the house at night. You fear yourself.

What do I think I’m going to do? Poison things. You fear people will get sick of you so you try to beat them to it.

Sabotage myself? Yes. Yeah, I can see that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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