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Where a place doesn’t arise from nature it can arise from spiritual principle, though it is a rare thing.

Realize Self in Self


Now perhaps the greatest mystery of self mastery. Why is it possible for me to like jogging, and you to hate it?

Your point of view? Why is it possible for me to have a point of view?

Reality is consistent, and we all have senses of one form or another. We all live in a world defined by the same basic laws. Is it possible to just retire from anger, or give up sleep as a fad? We have biological facts. It doesn’t matter how bored of eating I am, I will still have to do it. But why is there more than that?

Choice? Do you choose to like chocolate ice cream? If so, why would we choose to like anything? Doesn’t that seem too much of a bother? Seems awfully time and energy consuming.

Because it’s making the experience memorable. Your senses make it memorable. Do you choose for that to happen?

But why we have such memories I can not say. I can. It is the inner Tao, the inner way or natural order of self.

You can learn to like things you didn’t like before or suddenly hate something you used to love. We call that learning, but how does that differ from pruning a plant? Do you lose any self when that happens? Your event horizon won’t merge with anyone else’s. We don’t see people merging like soap bubbles. You have a self. It’s like a map. Can you master a map?

You can learn the route and not need a map on paper. The map will still exist, and the routes will remain the routes.

So to master something is to make it not exist? To master it is to actually realize that it exists.

People often feel like victims of the world, of life. They are victims only of themselves, or rather their lack of self. The paths exist and you can choose. In choosing, you neither create nor destroy, you only move. This is why we think of people being able to backslide.

There is no time, but your time. There is no space, but your space. Times and spaces are units of choice. Holes in the fabric of a reality that people would perhaps find unthinkable. In fact, your self is a body. The lines of time are its veins. Your self awareness is its heart, and your potential for growth extends well beyond this (if you will forgive the expression) “stomach ache” of sensation that people consider life. But can you make a stomach ache go away by denying it?

You can just take your focus off the ache. People take their focus off. That is why they are not self aware. We ultimately relieve pain by understanding. We cannot deny the stomach and heal the stomach. We cannot deny the self and discover the self. You are not self defined or you would have no skin, no cell walls. Definition is a function of reality, and all that is real has its Te. Its inherent virtue or quality. Its definition. Can you make a cactus grow like an onion? A cactus will grow like a cactus grows, an onion like an onion. With understanding this is effortless.

Have I begun to babble?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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