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Any subtle feeling you experience… It’s not invalid. Treat it as natural and a real part of the world, and you will not go insane.

Source In Chi in Self


Perhaps a concept to centralize our thoughts. The Chinese have a word, Tsu or Tzu. It has two meanings. Child and master. In eastern metaphysics, mastery is defined as complete harmony with the Tao, and children are considered to come as close to that as possible.

I’ve usually heard that word in someone’s name. Lao Tzu. Chuang Tzu. It means Master Lao. It also means Child Lao.

In Chinese culture, they also use the same word for mind and heart. If you tried to discuss thought without feeling, it would not be understood. They even say something that we consider awkward in English. If you seem disturbed or unfocused, they will say you have too many minds, meaning you have mixed emotions. They consider that non functional.

To explore the metaphysics. There is one energy. They call it chi. All energy is chi. It only acquires the appearances it has by a process of differentiation, falling into roles that serve the balance. But all things still have their source in chi. The fire gets its power from chi the same way your heart does.

Someone spoke of no space. This is a deep realization, because there is no such thing as space in actuality. There is no thing separate from chi, the single point, the Great Mother, the Tao. This can be said thousands of ways, but there is one cause, and as the Chinese say, a thousand effects. They don’t mean to confine it to that value. It’s a classical metaphor meaning countless effects. Your thoughts are an effect. Your feelings are an effect the same as your body.

Sorry if it seems I have been meandering, I will get to the point. You master self the same way you master the world. Anyone achieve world domination yet?

I don’t think so. But you do the world effortlessly. Every day you wake up, and the world is still there.

It’s a cooperative effort. Even deeper. It doesn’t really take agreement. It’s a symbiotic effort because all power is one power. All energy is one energy. The power you have to eat breakfast is the same as the suns power to shine.

Your self needs other selves. There are selves because the world creates selves as much as it creates everything else. This would seem to deny free will, no?

This brings in the issue of why humans free will is real, but it is most evident in humans. There was a need for a creature to arise that could only survive by the power of understanding. By understanding, this creature would make choices, and create, and through action impart newer patterns to reality. This would allow evolution of all life to a degree that the better adapted creatures could not achieve with their adaptations.

They began to value their life and being alive? Yes. We did not domesticate or “master” animals by accident. Yet, have we mastered ourselves? Did we create the possibility with our limited bodies and brains that allowed us to become the dominant species on this planet?

We are born of that creation. The idea of self authorship is a corruption. Self mastery is not self creation. I cannot remake myself into a frog. If somehow I did, it would likely cause a chain of events making all humans potentially frogs, and the world would have to start over. Does this happen?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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