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Dragon Intuitive was started to provide insights into spirituality, world belief and the nature of consciousness.  It has grown from two people to an online community known as ‘One World, Many Paths’ which has its base on Reflection Island in the virtual world of Second Life.  Classes are held on the island in text chat and voice format, and we continue to welcome new teachers and community members.

Material communicated in real time online classes is shared on DragonIntuitive.com to bring these insights to a larger audience.  This includes the main blog as well as a podcast to share voice based events. Dragon Intuitive also thanks our ‘Spirituality for Living’ Guest Bloggers for sharing their reflections and insights with our community.

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Seth aka Travis

Travis, at Dragon Intuitive, is able to experience and interact with alternate planes of energy and consciousness to gain deeper understanding. With unique direct experience of intuition and paranormal phenomenon along with knowledge of world philosophy and human behavior, Travis offers understanding and life alternatives.  As his Second Life avatar ‘Seth Haalan’, he offers weekly classes in Second Life in text chat format.

He has studied extensively and is knowledgeable in:


  • Branch of philosophy pertaining to god/divinity/enlightenment.
  • Ordained Member of the Spiritual Humanist clergy.


  • Branch of philosophy pertaining to why. The ultimate meaning of anything.
  • Nature of consensus reality – essence or operation of shared reality between individuals.

Human Nature/Psychology:

  • Human potential and limitations, perception.
  • Metaphysical nature of relationships (also related to parapsychology).
  • Different neurological processes and the difficulties in recognition and response.


  • The study of consciousness outside the realm of traditional medical or scientific study.

Alternative healing practices/ Evolutionary biology:

  • Energy healing.
  • Metaphysical ramifications of genetic variance.

Quantum physics:

  • The subjective observable manifestations of quantum physics phenomenon.

Temporal/spatial principles of manipulation:

  • Remote viewing/teleportation.
  • Sense of non-locality state of matter.

We get questions about what the ‘psychic’ or spiritual thing is all about. Here are a few answers to perhaps increase your understanding in this area. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll update this list.

Be well Friends,

Dragon Intuitive

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Psychic & Spiritual FAQs

What is spirituality?
  • I see spirit in the alchemical sense, as the essence of things. Spirituality is the awareness or focus on the essence of things in life.  It isn’t a goal. It’s a component of life.
What is the soul?
  • The soul is a coherant energy pattern utilizing multiple forms of energy. When its bond with the body ends, it doesn’t travel to some other space. It shifts its amplitude and modulation, slipping into a non-local “potential energy” state until it actualizes again, or establishes a different relationship with the energies of the universe itself.  This potential energy state is perhaps more like dreaming than normal waking biological consciousness, though it’s lucid, and time and space are irrelevant in that state.
What is magic?
  • Magic is experiential knowledge, as opposed to science which insists on the arbitrary empirical standard, and has erred as much as the old traditions did.  It includes emotions, but goes well beyond that.

What is metaphysics?

  • Metaphysics is the body of philosophy that relates to the causative agents or models in reality. It’s the “why” to sciences “what”, everything from karma to transcendent deity to imminent deity to the will of the flying spaghetti monster. Theology borders on a branch of metaphysics, but metaphysics tends to look at things outside of a framework involving perceptions of divinity, so there is a little grey area between the two.

What can a psychic be asked?

  • I can perceive a past and future pattern in every aspect of life (love, career, fortune, etc.). However, specific “abstract data” like specific names and numbers do not register on that level.

What tools do you use to interact with alternate planes of energy and consciousness to gain deeper understanding?

  • Various tools are used such as: meditation, channeling techniques, automatic writing, tarot.

How much experience in readings do you have?

  • I have been studying for longer but have been consulting in a variety of modes for over 10 years.

Can readings be done over the internet?

  • With respect to the type of contact…there is a need for some mode of contact to permit me to focus on the person or their issues but once that is established my focus becomes the spiritual plane whether online or in person.

What is a natural intuitive/psychic/etc.?

  • There are many names for someone with this ability but in general is someone with a focus on and a proficiency with the intuitive faculties of the mind. A “non-sensory” perception arising from a more holistic process of the mind than the 5 senses. These senses are more in tune with the energies of the spirit world.

How does the ‘spirit twitter’ work?

  • This is obtained via channelling which is also assisted by astral projection.

How do I know you’re not a fake?

  • Take your time to examine our site and blog. Does what you have seen so far fly in the face of reason, does the insight seems like new age fluff or does it have real substance. Ultimately, trust your judgement and instinct.

What is a psychic reading?

  • A psychic reading is an intuitive analysis of a current concern and it involves contact between me and the person, with a statement of their concern and further questions being asked to clarify. I use a variety of techniques, possibly also including tarot card reading, to achieve a deeper intuitive insight into whatever is concerning the person and what brought them to me.

How long have you been a psychic?

  • I have been “gifted” for as long as anyone could note anything about me as a person.

What’s your take on charging people?

  • It is work to serve people with this gift, but as with all work it is possible to engage in unfair business practices.

What kind of spirits do you deal with?

  • Spirit is just a state of being where life is too energetic to be in the state we call “matter” and that level of reality is every bit as diverse if not more so than this world of flesh and blood we know.  The spirit world is a world of essence. The worlds “memory” is one world.

How do you cope with your psychic gift in society?

  • As for coping, I tend to try to moderate my exposure to the chaotic psychic atmosphere of modern society, though I live along with everyone else and have the same needs so I’m not really a hermit 🙂

Do you believe in Paranormal or Reincarnation?

  • The paranormal is just the part of normal that we don’t understand yet or try to deny, but yes, I believe there is more out there than science or religion will accept. Reincarnation may be many things, but an endurance of the soul is a notion spread across many cultures and belief systems even emerging in the modern study of psychology.

Your Insights on “About Dragon Intuitive”

  1. meredith

    Thank you so much for the Lemonade Award….it is so neat to get a positive feedback! Thank You ! 😀

  2. Pushhyarag


    I’m first time here. I’ve subscribed in Google because I’ve so much to read.

  3. Jordan

    I come in time of need. I don’t need phychic reading only understranding. I have been dragon all my life and will always be. I think there is a emptiness and lonliness that dragon carriess with it. I have tried to find others of my kind but most are afraid or completely do not understand. I have been in the dream battlefield and have fought the strongest demons. There comes a point when it all comes boring, life, movies, dreams I learned from them all but it time to move on. What is the next plane. Any direction is favorable to stagnation.

  4. susan gale

    I read your blog about the body… I think the body is simply the home for our soul during our stay here and thus needs to be taken care of as we would any place we stay. We can only do our ‘work’ as long as the body is healthy and able to sustain the connections that linking with the spirit world demand. I agree it is of the earth and thus helps us connect with our mother.

    Thanks for what you are doing!

    Susan Gale

  5. socratus

    God as a Scientist : Ten Scientific Commandments.
    God Himself is Creator.
    He/She/It created Everything.
    So God must be Scientist and must use Physical/
    Mathematical Laws and Formulas for His/Her/Its work.
    For forty days and forty nights Moses wrote the tablets
    of ‘ The Ten Commandments’.
    Which Commandments are they?
    They are moral, ethical Commandments.
    Can be written ‘Ten Scientific Commandments’ ?
    I think ‘ Yes’, God has given to us everything that necessary
    to understand Him and His Genesis using Physical /
    Mathematical Laws and Formulas.
    Ten Scientific Commandments:
    Fundamental Theory of Existence.

    1 The infinite vacuum T=0K. ( background energy space: E ).
    2 The particle:
    C/D = pi, R/N= k , E = Mc^2 = kc^2 , h = 0 , i^2= -1
    3 The spins: h =E/t , h =kb, h* = h/2pi
    4 The photon, the inertia
    5 The electron: e^2 = h*ca, E = h*f , electromagnetic field
    6 The gravitation, the star, the time and space
    7 The Proton
    The Evolution of interaction between Electron and Proton
    a) electromagnetic
    b) nuclear
    c) biological
    The Laws
    a) The Law of conservation and transformation energy/mass
    b) The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle / Law
    c) The Pauli Exclusion Principle/ Law
    The test.
    Every theory must be tested logically ( theoretical ) and practically
    a) Theory : Dualism of Consciousness: (consciousness / unconsciousness)
    b) Practice : Parapsychology. Meditation.
    Best wishes
    Israel Sadovnik Socratus
    The secret of God and Existence is hidden
    in the ‘ Theory of Vacuum & Light Quanta ‘.
    I want to know how God created this world
    I am not interested in this or that phenomenon,
    in the spectrum of this or that element
    I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details
    / Einstein /

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