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A weight can be a lightening of existence. Chains can be freedom. The prisoner knows what freedom is clearly.

Abyssal Guardians in Abyss


About the dark arts as they relate to the abyss, and why you so often hear about it going terribly wrong. Most of the nonsense people practice in the name of demon summoning is just that. It can raise a big noise. It may even draw some attention from an abyssal entity which usually just takes offence and does something to frighten the fools off. The ancient techniques and the talent necessary to use them have mostly been lost and used energy and principles that these wanna be bad boys of spirituality don’t have clue one about. But removal of an abyssal entity is possible no matter how strong it may seem to be. There are two ways and both amount to the same thing. Deporting the entity back to the abyss.

There are some long standing agreements between humanity and allied beings, and though humanity has lost much of its ability to communicate with its allies, they still honour their agreements anyway. It’s a sort of treaty if you will, and for human beings who have sufficient balance of light in them, the treaty can kick in and result in what looks like divine intervention.

You use the light? Yes, or the abyss does police its own kind, and the principles that govern it aren’t what humans would call “immoral.” So when there is enough of an imbalance created by the beings activity, the abyssal guardians show up and remove the offender. They often come with a howling sensation. This is why humans imagined them to be hounds.

Can we be abyssal guardians? You can be an abyssal guardian, yes, and you can work with them also. Humanity was given the keys from day one. Your sense of “wrong” is what triggers the guardians. You can even fake the call and use the mechanism in advance. The Celts called triggering this call the “wild hunt” when you confront the wrong directly and exaggerate it in your experience.

Life is neither a reward nor punishment. Life is just reality, but when you amplify the wrong you sense, you call the abyssal cops. It’s like making a spiritual crime report.

A person that thinks it’s right to hold another at gunpoint is a good example. One person thinking their action is right won’t overcome everyone else thinking their action is wrong, and even if the wrong isn’t witnessed by humans, animals have a sense of wrong as well. They feel it when the world bleeds, even elemental life can. This is why fires often seem to get busy when there is a lot of spiritual distress going on.

My horse didn’t think it was wrong to eat my cell phone. Yes. When it comes to man versus nature, humanity gets out voted. Fortunately, nature is more gentle than humanity and doesn’t insist on being right. It just is right, or is balanced, and when it is out of balance it will make it right again.

There was a name for a “saint” of the abyss, an avatar or paragon. They called them furies. Not because they themselves are angry. If you encounter a furym you feel a sense of pull, like bits of energy and being drawn away from you. The stress and pain and fear seem to fall away from you and into them. You go away feeling both a bit creeped out, and yet more liberated. Free and lighter for having been around the fury. They are walking catharsis in human form. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to cultivate this state.

They are humans? They are human, and just as one can achieve liberation and transcendence, one can achieve immersion and freedom in the dark as well.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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