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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Abyssal Criminals in Abyss


What attacks? The abyss has criminals just like our reality does. It also has its version of animals. If you seem to be aware of one of them and you present yourself in passive or fearful way, you will feel a surge of contempt most commonly. But in rare cases they will take an interest in your processes, because they see the potential for a line of evolution like their own.

I am talking about feeling actual physical harm like biting out of body. Is that these beings also? No communication? Not always, no. Any perceptual distortion or just dimming of your senses? If it’s just shadow, that is an abyssal animal or elemental. Abyssal animals tend to be timid. Like coyotes they will bite and scratch, but easily scared by resistance. Human beings are alien creatures to them so they linger more like a vulture than chase down like a wolf.

I zap with energy. They go away, but you feel a physical attack. Also some that attack from the front. The only way to rid myself was to embrace with love, fighting didn’t help. Hmm, did you get a flood of images of people when this attack occurred, like a swarm of masks?

No, one being and it changed when I embraced it. What did it look like?

Different beings at different times. One looked like a corpse, one looked like it had razors for teeth, things like that. Oh, you encountered one of the lost. They learn to imitate their care takers.

The corpse called himself Rancor. He kept staying at the foot of my bed for two weeks, when I finally embraced him. Ah, an old school lost soul. Some stay in the threshold for quite a long time. He turned to this “angel” being and called himself Hebron. Rancour was subsumed.

How could a human have a potential for entropy? A human has a potential for entropy when they develop an awareness centered around deconstruction. Some people gain an insight from experiencing the loss or deconstruction of things in their reality. They perceive the meta-text of the process and continue to observe it in the world, and can come to feel called to help assist that transition process. If they have enough wisdom, they won’t try to push the fall, and instead ease it so the energy slingshots back into place.

Like griefers or hackers. Yes. If you just push the process, you take up a feedback. The beings involved in the shadow event scream at what you did, and you go away carrying the burden.

Like guilt? Well, guilt is a symptom of the cause. Stress energy when released doesn’t just reorder itself in the abyss. It can mark people also, sometimes to the point of causing physical deformity or causing the brain metabolism to diverge to an unusual degree.

Does it affect your DNA? It does, yes, and can be passed down to offspring. The sins of the parents are inherited. This doesn’t mean the consequences, just the stresses, and a child can come to have an abyssal entity serve as a sort of guardian angel when the energy seems to warrant it.

But you can change your DNA? You can change your DNA, and shed stress patterns you may have inherited from parents, or you can convert them into useful energy as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. unpublished

    comment. wOw. never heard – word for word- a description so accurate, and timely. first the tricksters .. i always used analogy, gamer lingo of obstruction or extremely confusing/ difficult levels or challenges. i like that Seal reference – never paid attn. yet i very much have always.. subscribed to it. survival has hAD2 be peppered with risky or sprinkled with taboo- or “inappropriate ” — scratch that– life has had to be fit in around the distraction to appear .. to stay under the radar of normie nosy control freaks that appear randomly to throw me off my game. . i realize now that it is deeper, ive chosen to let the same sorta people in sO close- i finally ‘smelled” beast and have believed in their goodness bc they enable my 2muchFunnNess.

    • darcy

      i am making no sense bc i cannot just say w/ out editing myself. i have only seen one person say close to the same experience. i need answers – i ttust the things you say.. i dont need the haters on fb exploiting my truth. bc it sounds insane, and i never believed i would be vulnerable – i do not want a repeat performance. spirits have always been there harmless, never entering- intruding – tOUCHING! I wanted none of it – just asked for space. asked again. demanded. the is no ego in spirit that is around me.. i thought you had2 play and invite . it wanted to distract me. then recognition- then they wanted me afraid. i knowe a taste of hell now. what it does to souls. were these ever people when alive? there’s a hierarchy – what’s that about. why can i get touched. wth happened? anyone. please.

      • Vince

        Darcy Things have always told me you have to wait for mystical experiences in life. Your guides internal and external want to help you. If you allow them to. Take your best responsibilities and mirror what you know and it will mirror back. It takes a little effort and time. If your not getting answers you need? Expand to other resources.ANY real fear is noticed within the spiritual matrix. If you constantly build Question boxes. It promotes a cronic skeptic within that box. That you can break free of if you relax. Heart thinking in love is more important than mind.Feeling is more imporant then thought. Spirit at this stage is a benign construct that we souly build to. All enities are the light at the head of the flashlight in creation connected. We all despair at times. Know that the whole journey is about growing forward. Even at that time you cannot see it. The past is a memmory file systeme that honestly needs to be dispelled within most.ALL the time. Stay in the present. Seek your good intentions, and you will harvest more when you least expect it. None of us will have the bigger picture ever. But you are the whole spectrum and your a very large piece of that spectrum.Light begets light, love begets love.And it’s not being afraid to fail.Common spirit wants us to happy. With joy and challenge. Because then all things thrive. Everything listens to you. We are our own worst enemies on this. When we don’t listen to ourselves.

  2. unpublished

    i told myself that to engage would only feed and / or encourage .. fed up bc my pets we’re freekn and i felt – presence evolved into harassing . i addressed ‘it’. that my tolerance stopped @ the line crossed when pets, children – people! off limits! ( it’s way too long and twisted..) i will just say the innocents have been left be. it wants me to not playing. tantrums i ignore. then the ugly became another thing. disgusted.. i refuse, again to engage or acknowledge. how did it have permission and how do i evict. (please do not publish my name, most dont get it and the ones who do- haven’t had the experience. )

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