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Empty can be good. I like space in myself, breathing room.

Feeling the Abyss in Abyss


The difference between the feeling of an abyssal presence and the presence of one of the lost is really fairly different. A ghost feels sort of cold, like a life vacuum, and you get a sort of echoing sensation like the presence is trying to share in or reproduce your own awareness. Ever feel this before?

They usually have a hard time articulating their own thoughts beyond sharing their feeling of loss and fear with you. They feel almost like a panicked person clinging to your entire being. An abyssal entity doesn’t feel hollow, and doesn’t echo you. They also articulate their own ideas quite well.

Does the abyssal entity attack you? Usually, they don’t. They mostly ignore humans, but in annoyance they do sometimes flood your awareness with a burst of dissonance like pointing their own version of a flash-light in your eyes. What this feels like is a brief moment of complete panic where you can’t think and your heart trip hammers like a sudden, intense, but very brief insanity.

Like the catatonic state where you can’t move when you are waking up? Yes. If you linger after this effort to shoo you off, if you ignore their flash-light in your inner eye, you can often pick up on their thought processes.

What are their thought processes like? Oh, generally their thought processes are very analytical and give the impression of being very cold emotionally, and yet strangely passionate at the same time.

Maybe that is what happens when I feel an intense awareness of my own awareness. I feel like I’m going to fall over. Your own life suddenly becomes scary because you’re aware of it. Falling or becoming detached from it like an astronaut on a space walk. That is touching the abyss. You can come back from that if you choose. You have felt the abyss.

I can step in and out of the abyss then as I choose. Yes. You can move freely there.

It isn’t out to suck you in by the ankles. No. If anything, you might get a nudge to back away from it.

The term the pregnant void refers to the abyss? Yes, indeed. It fits what you described.

To summarize the thought processes of the most commonly encountered abyssal entity. They are editors, and they generally scrutinize you for any sign of discontinuity, and if they find none they move on.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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