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What Spirits to Ask?


Just as you wouldn’t ask me about Europe (me being an American and not well traveled), you should focus any spirit communication on spirits connected to what you seek to understand. That “live there”, so to speak, since omniscience is… Seek More

Jump into the Abyss


Suppression for the common good. Abstinence makes the heart grow colder. Makes it grow downright dead. I often speak of how I feel alone, and people usually just dismiss it as more drama, as my anxiety. No, it’s just my… Seek More



Have you considered what you will do at transition? Some people think that it works one way. Spirit communicating with incarnated. It isn’t that neat, not that orderly, and some put forth the idea that anything in human incarnation is… Seek More

Resolve Old Beliefs


In Norse belief most people go to hell. This is the literal source of the word and it was governed by the Vnir goddess Hela. To the Norse, hell was just a place of dreary boredom. Hell wasn’t for the… Seek More

Light and Shadow

Psychic Vampire

Light siders have aggression too by the way. So understand the other. Not every one who is dark is your enemy. Dark and light can be very intimate and mutually supportive.  When you are attacked by dark, including psychic vampires, recall… Seek More

Dragon Power

Dragon Lore

Ultimately, in both schools of thought (and I find this very strange) whether monstrous or angelic, the dragon was said to have remarkable powers of healing and to grant wisdom. Autism, whether it’s attributed to environmental or medical abuses or… Seek More

Dragon Guidance

Dragon Lore

What is your personal take on the whole modern resurgence, or rather, a reworking of dragon myth for modern man in the reptilian theory? Well, the humanizing is a semi-enlightenment. The alien conspiracy phobia is a crock though, and really… Seek More

First Beings


If you would, imagine a being that exists in a state of pure potential energy, non-local, not collapsed and mostly non-dissonant. Like a star? Yes. That would fit. What would we call this being? Ra. God. Omni present. Yes, among… Seek More

Our Inheritance


The first beings that would come together as a colony were the ancestors of plants. They had the wisdom of surviving by mutual cooperation. Before that, the DNA creatures were still too close to the first “chaos” to take and… Seek More

Our Ancestors


I will fast forward. In time, the plants would become mighty on the earth, wise in the ways of life and death and powerful in the gift of the stars energy. They were the first to harness the energy of… Seek More