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Absolute truth speaks in silence, and none can fail to heed it’s voice.

Activism in Context in Zoroastrianism


The Zarathustrans heavily influence faith and philosophy all around them. The contemporary demonology, you might have some familiarity with, would have been an extension of their view and practices. I must emphasize that demonology is NOT demonolatry. They studied the demons of their cosmology in order to understand and diagnose the problems that occurred in their world. The Christians just took that tradition and used it to invalidate the sacred in other cultures, fault find.

When evil attacks good, it can prevail, but when good attacks evil, it cannot prevail? When good supports good, evil can have no lasting impact, but attack is a self-defeating tactic, yes.

Someone wise said evil prevails when good men do no thing. Ah, indeed. When good men do nothing they are in omission of their body, denial, escapism. And the followers of Zoroaster would agree with that assessment. That evil arises when the good do nothing. This is why the Parsis take a view loosely similar to the salvation army of Christianity. Their faith does not require pacifism. Self defense is most certainly permitted, as long as it is actually defense in the face of active evil. Being “proactive” would be furtherance of evil.

If anything, Zoroastrianism would require activism, but activism in the context of the immanent god. To disrespect others or to destroy in fear would be to turn against god itself.

Perhaps an example. To stop a man from beating his wife would be considered not only right but ones spiritual duty, but to punish that man because he “might” beat his wife would be to propagate the same evil they work to remedy. It’s hard to make war when your faith says that everything that exists is equal in the presence of god.

My purpose for describing world beliefs in our events is not to prescribe any particular belief, but to offer further insights into the spiritual beliefs in the world so that perhaps there may be something to enrich our own. I personally believe if there is any truth in the world then any source could possibly hold truth.

I think many truths overlap. I do as well, and I feel we can unearth them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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