'Zoroastrianism' Chapter


The oldest revealed doctrine religion on the planet. The world has two divine beings, Ahura Mazda, the source of all good, and Ahriman, the source of all evil. Ahura Mazda means roughly “Lord Wisdom”, whereas the other is known as the Father of Lies, and everything in the world according to Zoroastrianism behaves as it does because of the nature of these two deities. They both challenge the human being they appear before in order to determine their moral alignment, their essential character.

The Zarathustrans heavily influence faith and philosophy all around them. Their practices were based on efforts to help nature along in its process of growth and purification.

“Turn yourself not away from three best things: Good Thought, Good Word, and Good Deed.” Zoroaster

“Let us be such as help the life of the future” Zoroaster

Zoroastrian Divine Beings

Tonight, we are talking about Zoroastrianism or Zarathustrianism. Both are accepted by current adherents of which there are very few compared to what there once were. Their religion is the oldest revealed doctrine religion on the planet, and has had… Seek More

Potential for Good

Isn’t the essential doctrine of Zoroastrianism one of balance between good and evil? Actually, more of an almost alchemical transformation. Alchemy arose as a science from the same observations that Zoroastrianism makes about the world. The view that everything is… Seek More

Threefold Path

Zoroastrians follow a threefold path, and I will roughly summarize. Good works, good intentions, and good understanding, and their practices serve not so much as any form of placation of the divine, as much as a way of dedicating themselves… Seek More

Activism in Context

The Zarathustrans heavily influence faith and philosophy all around them. The contemporary demonology, you might have some familiarity with, would have been an extension of their view and practices. I must emphasize that demonology is NOT demonolatry. They studied the… Seek More