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“It’s a luxury to be understood.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. A mission to understand. Know thyself.

Are We Having Fun Yet? in Play


Can anyone tell me what they do in life that isn’t play?

I’d say sleep, but dreams are play. So scratch that, the “little death” is play.

Cleaning? Cleaning is play too. It’s “Let’s pretend this isn’t dirty after I spend a lot of energy making it look like it’s not.”

Cleaning to my standard is play. Cleaning to another’s standard is not.

I was going to say obligations, but we choose to have them.

My animals will clean themselves, but won’t lift a paw to pick up after themselves. Does a house cat ask what its purpose is?

The question in life is not, “What is my purpose?” That question just makes us look really silly. The biggest question in life is, “Are we having fun yet?” All the great thinkers have couched this question in different ways. One said that we have to ask, “Is the universe friendly?” How is that different from, “Are we having fun yet?”? Can you think of any other of those meaning of life questions that isn’t just another way of asking if we are having fun yet? The answer honestly for society is no. They are taking things very seriously.

So I feel moved to break the game. This is why I am moved to do these talks, though when I get a griefer or just a stubborn soul I want to cry inside. Because I am not having fun yet even though I laugh at all these ideas people spout about spiritual value and transcendence, because they aren’t having fun yet. They get very sanctimonious and aren’t having fun yet.

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The concept of blasphemy is the closest thing to blasphemy I can imagine. I like that. It’s very true.

I have broken my heart in effort to reconcile with my family of origin. I only reconciled by being what they labelled me. I had to be evil. When I gave up they decided I was not evil, but I didn’t get to be not evil until I was willing to be their evil.

What made them think your were evil in the first place? Mostly my “autism.” What makes the more scientific community see me as defective.

Not serious? Not serious. Nothing is serious. I see all these people who think they are something and it’s not serious, and because it’s not I am deranged. They think they are something. I see people, they see things, and I am deranged.

I see that everywhere. People cling to the meaning of their titles. I see object people. Object people everywhere, but they don’t know they are thinking they are objects. Give me a self image and I will give you the way that “cookie” will crumble. Give me a hero and I will show you the next tyrant. The word is Greek, and it originally meant hero of the people.

Published chemistry professor? Hmm, published chemistry professor will be an emotionally dead pseudo-intellectual. They don’t admit the most profound and simple aspect of life. As brainy as they are, their mind still works like ours, so on the way to psyche meds they go. Or addiction, alcohol addiction is very popular. I prefer my addictions very much. I get to remember what I’m doing and they don’t make me any more emo. Sometimes they make me less. Catharsis is really healing.

“I was troubled before it was trendy, And emo before it was everywhere, But then my morality got bendy, And I’m happier now, oh yeah!” I like that. Very true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Go play friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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Your Insight on “Are We Having Fun Yet?”

  1. ambient transient

    Hello Travis,
    I enjoy all of your blogs that I do read, but I feel a strong need to comment on this one. When I was young, I was constantly asking the universe this question, “What is my purpose?”… And since I never could get a clear answer to that one, the question evolved into “Why am I here?” Well, I did get an answer, and it was to have fun. Godfun, they called it. I am… and many of us are… as humans, crippled gods. I think some of us were sent back to level 3rd dimension to re-learn some lessons because we were naughty (too serious, too competitive perhaps?). I still struggle with ego all the time. It’s not that we have to cut off the ego, but employ it properly so it doesn’t take over… that’s part of what I’m learning now. Everything that matters in life is the quality of your moments… we should be making as many of them playtime as possible. 🙂 Because when we get to our deathbeds, what are the things that we’ll really regret? All the times we didn’t dance when we wanted to, or hug when we felt an urge to hug.
    Be well… and have fun.

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