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Be Aware of Our Footprint in Dependent Origination

Dependent Origination

Perhaps a metaphor is in order. Let’s say you go walking, and whenever you go walking you take a fall. Each and every time you go walking you fall. That would be upsetting, no?

Now could you understand this falling problem by looking at the event of falling, and understanding falling in an abstract sense? Can understanding falling like it’s a law help you figure out your falling problem? You have to be aware of the circumstances that have been permitting your personal falling, because the reason you fall down is not the reason someone else is necessarily.

For me, falling is a given, but I know why so I do not focus on the fall itself, but rather its causes which in themselves are events with their own sources. Yes, focus on the fall and you keep falling. The same thing applies to all other problems. Look everywhere because you are trying to avoid all problems, and you will collide with a street sign.

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So many people walk with heads down and only see their toes. True.

A set of circumstances contributes to the fall that is not always present. Yes, and can be altered, but that set of circumstances is altered through the thing they all have in common, which is you.

What I permit? Yes. What you try to make happen often fails.

So I should move my husbands’ shoes instead of tripping on them? Indeed. What you let happen can become a part of your daily experience, because what causes all of the causative factors to come together will persist if you don’t interfere, and you interfere every time you make a pattern, be that pattern a word, a habit, or an attitude.

So we should interfere with each other to change patterns? We interfere with each other regardless. We should be aware of our footprint in this expression of energy. Explore what sort of effect we are having and modify that. If we are both singing, my voice will interfere with yours, no choice in that matter, but that interference can manifest in one of two ways.

In harmony or disharmony. Yes. Constructive interference helps support and sustain an occurrence. Destructive interference prevents it. But destructive interference prevents not only the intended thing, but other things that could be occurring then and there. It creates a field of noise that doesn’t allow for anything much at all. What do you think friends?

You can be skilful or unskilful. Yes. That’s why I speak of what you permit rather than what you forbid, because there is no constructive use of forbiddance. Knowing what you don’t want, what you won’t do, and what you are against, well… Is that useful?

It can keep you out of trouble. In time that will fail.

Some actions you don’t want to do. I am not endorsing negative action. What I am saying is that restriction doesn’t prevent negative action.

Things need borders to define them. Borders can be crossed. It’s what allows for some other event to take place instead. Otherwise, you would be stuck in the event you fear to let happen.

When you are clear on what you want and intend to do, you won’t remain in the circumstances of the bad event. You won’t remain in the pig paddock if you have a clear intention to go in the house, but if you are under the idea that you cannot move… How would that help?

I will curse the pigs! Doing something out of the ordinary can start a new pattern or at least alter the old one. Yes. You will eventually anyway, the personal spirit refuses stasis.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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