'Dependent Origination' Chapter

Dependent Origination

For everything that exists, there is a thing or set of things that must also exist for it to be present. There was a set of factors that let you come into existence, and they have persisted and will persist after the event that is you transforms beyond its currently recognizable state. We mistakenly localize the self around a center that in and of itself doesn’t exist.

A person is not a pattern. They express patterns. The events in their life are the by-product of the disposition of the person’s awareness. We are a unique voice in a grand chorus, having a depth and range that is powerful enough to echo throughout infinity itself.

“Whoever sees the Dharma sees Dependent Origination, and whoever sees Dependent Origination sees the Dharma.” Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

Originating Factors

Today we are discussing dependant origination. It’s a concept that can be stated simply but isn’t as simple to explore. The concept is basically this. For everything that exists, there is a thing or set of things that must also… Seek More

Center is the Omnipresent Sea

Each individual arises not from the exact same set of causes repeating itself, because, perhaps like a flowing river, causative factors can never remain static. The human gene pool at any given time, and in different eras, has been definably… Seek More

Have and Eat the Cake

What are you now? Energy. Anything expressed or only potential? Expressed. Pattern. Do you know yourself outside of expression? I don’t. Your consciousness can transcend this pattern? It can transcend the pattern and it caused the pattern. What elements incorporate themselves… Seek More

Unique Voice in the Grand Chorus

We redefine or recombine originating forces or seeds of potential. Sort of primal forces that come together to manifest as actual events. Well, our conventional thinking doesn’t inform us on how to perceive the relationship between these seeds clearly. Desires… Seek More

Cause Is and Isn’t There

How do we switch our state into problem solving? We’re heavily taught more to problem solve then to create. You switch your state into problem solving with the realization of a condition in which that event, whatever it is, is permitted. It can… Seek More

Be Aware of Our Footprint

Perhaps a metaphor is in order. Let’s say you go walking, and whenever you go walking you take a fall. Each and every time you go walking you fall. That would be upsetting, no? Now could you understand this falling… Seek More

Occupy All the Things!

Most things I read on dependent origination use it to explain emptiness. Do you have time to go into that? I do. How do we know when something is empty? In tai chi, an empty step is one that does… Seek More