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Originating Factors in Dependent Origination

Dependent Origination

Today we are discussing dependant origination. It’s a concept that can be stated simply but isn’t as simple to explore. The concept is basically this. For everything that exists, there is a thing or set of things that must also exist for it to be present, like desire having to have an object, and communication having to have a subject.

A different set for different things? Oh, the number of possible sets is countless, but any given originating force can serve as an originating factor for a wide variety of things. Happiness can originate both compassion and foolishness. Insensitivity can originate cruelty and patience.

The set has to be in existence simultaneously? Yes, and where the originating set doesn’t yet exist, you can have the factors that would give rise to the factors that would then give rise to anything you might be considering. So the thing can exist in potential before it exists actually.

It’s all a big mechanical cycle? In essence, yes, though perhaps not actually mechanical. Shall I go into that?

Mechanics is largely dependent on linear assumptions, linear cause and effect, do this and that happens. But whenever two events occur or coincide, whenever a coincidence happens, the interrelation of those two events creates a third point that is also causal. So even though something comes into existence, you also naturally create the conditions in which it does not exist, or even further, that a counteracting force exists.

Its end is engineered into its beginning? Exactly, and even its restriction from ever occurring.

So it is an equalizing force? Yes, but for every restriction that is established, you enable something else.

Like splitting an atom into its positive and negative components to create something new. Indeed.

Side note. Recent discoveries have perhaps revealed that the so called perfect symmetry between matter and anti-matter may not literally exist, and anti-matter doesn’t necessarily annihilate matter. So if you can establish reason why unicorns do not exist, you reflexively establish the conditions under which they can exist.

I’ve never thoughts perfect symmetry was even natural. No eggs look exactly the same in the carton even though they are all naturally made things. Very true. Nothing is cookie cutter or mechanical, even our machines are not. Despite our best efforts to create the perfect machines, there is always a failing. The very reasons we can make machines create the reasons why they will break down.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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