So now what? Is only ever now and now is perfectly what it is.

Bias in Mystery


The dichotomy of either accident or intent is something in the wake of foundation thought… anthropomorphising the universe to justify preferences. We are our preferences. They need no justification. We exist as our own behavioural parameters and then proceed to fabricate for ourselves supposedly more fitting replacements. The core mystery would perhaps be that we know anything at all.

Are you saying that we can only observe what our “bias” creates for us to see? You have organs called eyeballs. You are biased to use them. Bias by itself is not wrong. It is not a source of evil.

I came up with a joke about cognitive bias the other day… It doesn’t exist. Turns out the research was bias and therefore it has become the only scientific principle to disprove its existence by existing. I like that.

In fact, the essence of human hubris is the notion that we are or can be unbiased. What in today’s so called objective society is better for laying claim to such a notion? Is anything we label objective a genuine source of good? Even science has to be biased in order to be productive, select certain lines of inquiry or questions over others because they may hold the promise of a useful insight or technology that may better things.

Good question. Those things appear to lack empathy and compassion.

Who decided what is a better state? A better outcome? How do they make that decision? Is there any basis?

Cost is used a lot. I would say there is a genuine basis, but it’s weakened, obfuscated in public human awareness. One of the things responsible for that would be the notion of economy. I firmly believe in a precept, ecology over economy.

Somehow, a democratic vote doesn’t seem a reliable method for “deciding” what’s real.

The only sanity we will ever find, the only sanity we can ever recover, was the state of mind that would have existed if we hadn’t adopted so called human thought.¬†Our ancestors had some sense of this state I speak of, and it persisted even despite our best efforts to bury it for quite some time. It could be described as mystery.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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