'Mystery' Chapter


Mystery includes ideas like divine revelation, perceptual quirks, and many other things. The essence of human hubris is the notion that we are or can be unbiased. The only sanity we will ever find, the only sanity we can ever recover, was the state of mind that would have existed if we hadn’t adopted so called human thought.

It is possible for the mystery to return and flourish in today’s society, survive and thrive, but a great deal of very popular materialistic and rationalistic thinking would wind up falling away. When you understand how to live with your knowing, you will discover how to know more things and new things more easily without all the fear confusion and misguided thinking.

“I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.” Harry Emerson Fosdick (American clergyman 1878-1969)

Behaviour Follows Patterns

Mystery is today’s topic. This includes ideas like divine revelation, perceptual quirks, and many other things. Much in the way of mystery is dismissed in this day and age is it not? Yes. Sadly. I get the impression that many… Seek More


The dichotomy of either accident or intent is something in the wake of foundation thought… anthropomorphising the universe to justify preferences. We are our preferences. They need no justification. We exist as our own behavioural parameters and then proceed to… Seek More

Mystery Reveals

Why do we fear strangers? Those who feared the “different” survived to reproduce. I’m not sure that does not have to be taught. We’re taught to fear the unknown? Hence fear the mystery? Mystery is not taught, it’s experienced. We… Seek More


Shall we discuss revelation? Revelation and going native are the same human instinct. We naturally adapt to and connect with those things we live with, regularly associate with, identify with. In our modern age we mostly identify with nations religions,… Seek More

Well Guided Thinking

There is an example of a culture that evolved for quite some time without automatically trying to kill or deny the presence of the mystery among its people. This culture was in the east, though smaller examples also remained among… Seek More