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Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Revelation in Mystery


Shall we discuss revelation?

Revelation and going native are the same human instinct. We naturally adapt to and connect with those things we live with, regularly associate with, identify with. In our modern age we mostly identify with nations religions, philosophies and styles of idealism. How well connected are any of us feeling really? You honestly feel at home where you live? At home in your own skin?

We do not choose what we know, but we do a hell of a lot of choosing what we think. Does this make us feel more at home? Anyone feeling any more safe?

It’s more stress. It feels like god when we experience revelation. It’s very easy to believe it is god, and it does seem somehow outside of us. It certainly is outside of the global work space they say we use to think.

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I guess this is what draws people to religion. It’s sanctioned mystery? Actually, it’s what both draws and repels. Why people cling to it so desperately and why they wind up poisoned by it. They offer dogma in the place of mystery.

Yes, no direct experience. They claim their dogma is a mystery because they refuse to explain it rationally. This is in itself insane. Revelation is the eureka moment. The geniuses of science often were not paragons of scientific dogma. They lived in, immersed themselves in, the mystery of that domain of experience.

Einstein never laid claim to inventing anything, yet we talk as if he did, insist that he did. He was just a genius of the scientific ritual. He filled his life and mind with this ritual. Ritual only becomes dogma when it becomes a shield instead of a tool. Psychologists are even praising its value as a shield. As if that were a good thing?

You said earlier, I think, that people who understand mystery strain the social system. Are those people seen as dangerous by the dogmatists? Cast out even? Indeed, and perhaps some amount of moderation is needed with the children of the mystery.

Like Jesus perhaps? Jesus could perhaps be included. It takes strength to embrace and implement change.

Why does the word hallelujah keep popping up in my mind… I hope I’m not sounding preachy. It is not my intention.

References to religious this or that has a way of triggering that and the word amen.

Our knowledge is not completely empty. We are called, if you will, instinctively motivated, to seek intellectual understanding as well as intuitive understanding. It’s certainly not by itself an error.

At its heart, natural philosophy evolved into modern science because of our innate understanding. That understanding that we did not choose or somehow engineer. We seek strength. We crave the power to adapt. It’s necessary, but we blinded ourselves. We ate the poison with the nourishment.

Gospel of John (Chapter 9) Jesus to the Pharisees: “Because you say, ‘We see,’ you are blind.” Excellent, very relevant.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man’s an ego-maniacal freak. Also true.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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