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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Well Guided Thinking in Mystery


There is an example of a culture that evolved for quite some time without automatically trying to kill or deny the presence of the mystery among its people. This culture was in the east, though smaller examples also remained among the smaller more isolated nations.

Taoism, a very proverbially mysterious belief system, actually contributed a great deal to science as we know it now and are even still discovering it to be. They did not confine themselves to empirical method. Buddhism has also had an extensive impact on psychology, neuroscience and the sciences in general, and they stay very far away from espousing a restrictive, or if you prefer selective, belief structure.

It is possible for the mystery to return and flourish in today’s society, survive and thrive, but a great deal of very popular materialistic and rationalistic thinking would wind up falling away. This would put big holes in the economy. In a way it is even now. The kick-starters on the internet… People putting their ideas out in front of people instead of in the reach of economic institutions.

I ponder the big holes in my own economy. My own economy changed radically. Someone who was gifted in navigating those old predatory institutions decided that my ideas really mattered and needed supporting even if they don’t earn any material support.

Another mystery. Indeed.

I don’t accept “I don’t know” from people. There is a very popular pattern of belief around the idea that “I don’t know” is a virtuous thing to say. I accept the phrase “I can’t say” or “I don’t think.” Even “I haven’t seen or heard.” These are all good, but I firmly believe that we all know what we need to know. We just haven’t learned how to be in that knowing.

I do not believe that we all know everything. That’s a popular new age idea, but I do know that when you understand how to live with your knowing, you will discover how to know more things and new things more easily without all the fear confusion and misguided thinking. You will have very well guided thinking.

Knowing is the first hand, thinking is the second and off hand. Ask my wife, having a reliable off hand is very valuable, but not if you abandon the first hand. Certainly not if you loose sight of the heart.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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