Your literal reality is part of the math that’s being done. You are the value that the universe is trying to get a sum for.

Body as Matter in Information


To continue with the body as matter model… You don’t have a single channel of information, you have many. But even so, even with them all operating at the same time and in the same identifiable medium, would that explain human behaviour? Sound vibrating some of the systems, light triggering photo-response in others, heat triggering thermal adaption. Would these lead to human behaviour?

They would all fit into the larger equation.

If too cold or hot, sure.

We have ‘ideas’ that factor in.

Do you have to think in order to sweat?

No. Humans have a set of internal processes that react to stimulation, and many that would go on even with no stimulation.

Something in me “thinks” and sweat is the result.

Do you have to think in order for any of your biological processes to happen? Arguably, there is no window that excludes stimulation. Everything is stimulation. They have even been able to track the impact of sensory deprivation of the human brain. It seriously impairs the brains function. Why would that be, though? We don’t need information for our biological processes to take place. What do you think? Sensory deprivation can even destroy a persons health over time, though their body suffers no injury at all. Isn’t that strange?

The spirit needs stimulation.

What is the difference between the exchange of an electrical bond between atoms and the exchange of sound we call words between people?

Frequency, wavelength, I guess.

Medium, but both are packets of information.

Quantitative differences there.

Same process. Movement in different “poems.”

Is there a quality that differentiate the two?

The forces involved.

Both use the same medium, the same gas.

Micro- and macro –

Scale is itself still quantitative. An issue of amount rather than nature. Can we draw a real line?

We make separations mentally that are not actually there in the real world.

Somehow, complexes of information are formed in the structure we think of as the human mind, that we then declare not to exist in reality, like self awareness, identity. There is no such literal thing as Travis, or is there?

Something / one functions as “Travis.” And my functions interact with those functions. And the information that is Travis had to exist before the formulation that is Travis for there to be a definable body of information that can be called Travis.

The body focuses and organizes the spirit, like turning iron into steel. Perhaps the body is focused and organized by the spirit?

So, information is prior to existence and identity? Yes.

Everything that comprises the source code (source coding being an element of information theory) had to exist in the pre-existing language of the communicative medium, the DNA. The circumstances that would lead to the two samples of DNA ultimately being joined, and the information that would then govern that DNA’s elaboration and adaption or evolution to its environment.

The second aspect of information is channel coding. How information is preserved and corrected. A small sample of my information can still be traced back to me. I can be DNA tested and they can tell the sample is mine, but those channels ran all through the world before I ever came to be in this form, like the linking system that allows us to transfer from one sim to another in Second Life. The information can’t behave independently of its channels.

The maps exist prior to the territory? There isn’t any territory independent of the maps.

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Travis Saunders
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