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If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

Can You Face Happiness? in Fear

Fear of Self

If I can face insanity, I can go beyond it and also understand others. But can you face happiness? I am not sure people can. It’s much more frightening than insanity. Shall I go into this?

We experience happiness when our fear process is turning up baseline signals. We experience a sense of satisfaction with our lives and the sense that that experience or condition we are in is how things should be. This seems to put fear out of our minds for a time. Anyone experience this?

The fear doesn’t go away. Actually, it becomes much less controlled. You identify key elements that you believe to be responsible for your sense of happiness, and you continuously check them, cling to them. You don’t want your happiness to ever end. As you continue in this reflexive habit, you begin to fatigue.

There is a difference between thinking happy and being happy. There is being happy and being whole, and those are very far from each other.

Eventually, your fear driven construct starts getting triggered. It’s why the thing you fear always ruins your fun, why you always mess up your happiness. Is this fair to say? I hear the complaint quite commonly. You have no choice. You will always mess up your happiness, I promise.

That’s why we need to protect our self from negative influences. No. That’s the problem, protecting yourself from negative influences. That’s what destroys your happiness. That is what builds your fears. That is what builds your beliefs. It’s what you come to trust instead of life itself. Do you want to trust? Do you want peace?

You want whatever keeps you balanced.┬áThen understand the reality of your experience. It’s not suffering. Reality is not suffering. This idea has been said so many ways even in many mystical flavors, and I would like to emphasize now as much as I possibly can, life is not suffering. You need not endure anything which is the archaic meaning of the word suffering, endurance. This is what you most fear, that you will last forever, that being who and what you are, being as you are, will continue without end. Is this not so?

This is the truth seen in a mirror, all backwards and upside down, unintelligible. Why you fear without choice, why you experience without sense of agency, why you exist rather than live fully, is you have rejected the one self you actually have. You have rejected the evidence of your senses, the evidence of your sense of being, in exchange for keeping up with so called real life, for keeping up with your friends and neighbours, for keeping on the track of success. Have you found yourself there yet?

The only edges that feelings have are contained in the words we use to describe them. Very true, profoundly true, otherwise feelings are soft and pliable like living organs and stronger than a rigid thing could ever be.

Does any single thing in your life make you happy? Does your spiritual practice make you happy all by itself without including anything else?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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