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Freedom is more than choice. It’s awareness of choice, but awareness of choice is not true, actualized freedom without vision. So what vision do you have for your freedom?

Color of Magic in Colors of Magick

Colors of Magick

All magic and any energy is basically a form of “light.” By connecting to a color, or a domain of function, you do take on more of that energy. It’s all vibration, energy waves.  Anyone have a color of magic they want to focus on?

Yellow. Yellow magic is the magic of inquiry. The gift of Prometheus and the curse of Pandora. It’s a very valid path and could be called the “path of the fool.” Ever notice the colors associated with the fool card in tarot?

Yellow magic is much like Taoism. The knowing everything so doing everything, and not making a big business out of it. Doing without knowing, and seeing because it’s there, and going with perception without making perception dogma. In yellow magic, you might say “I think I see a pink elephant“, and not worry about it in any absolute sense. Yellow is the color/path of the artist. Truth in imagination.

Grey. Grey is interesting. Grey is a very earthy power, but extends beyond even it. Grey is the color of things in tense suspension, and it is a path. In the grey path, you study the tension between all things and see its impact. Learn from it.  Black and white are absolutes. The grey path is the path of paradox, and it’s the force invoked when dealing with seemingly threatening things, but not seeking to extinguish the threat.

Color = power even if you don’t like mystical thought.  White magic is illuminating, but can also be blinding. It’s delineating and defining, and it’s actually “exclusive.” Black incorporates all. Black is obscuring, absorbing, and black and white energies form poles of a sphere of light.

You can’t have a white light source and have it be “solid.” It’s always broken up by interference zones or “black”. This is the basis of the double slit experiment in physics.  Quantum theory, or the study of “whole” units of energy, came from the study of what they call black body radiation. But white light interferes with itself as it reflects off things. Interference patterns create the black bands. In the double slit experiment, instead of having the surface the light is projected onto being bathed uniformly in white light particles, it’s instead broken down into light and dark strips, wave interference patterns.

There is also a path that is black and white. Oh, indeed. You don’t have to have a single color on a path. For the Native Americans it was black, white, red, and yellow.

What are the colours we can’t see in the rainbow, the ‘beyond’ colors?  There are the metals and the astral colors.  Things like black light in infra-red and ultra-violet spectrums. The infra-red magic is the inner fire. The pulse of existence beyond most human experience. That heat that some sometimes perceive, and it enflames potentials they often don’t understand and usually quickly judge they don’t want to.

Insects see a different spectrum than us, and so do other animals. They do, yes, and their way is touched by these colors we don’t see. Reptiles often see into the infra-red, and they are very primal creatures. Intensely animal beyond even mammal behaviour. Insects see into the ultra-violet, and often seem to react to things that “aren’t there.” They seem to be calculating based on something that has no material correspondence, and even is perhaps why they link the one spirit most know to moths, i.e. the “moth man.”  An example of the interplay between life forms is some brightly colored insects that never get eaten. Anyone know what the color that does this is? Red.

The magic in that is missed by us or because of the animal/insect experience, the magic we do by osmosis? Japanese society has a lot of cultural connection to insect symbolism, and are known for being a very intuitive as well as innovative people. They seem to anticipate ideas and trends before others.

We can grasp the outside colors we don’t see by proxy? Yes. This is why rune systems evolved. The character/symbol/number based languages.

There is an online card game ‘Magic, The Gathering‘ where you can play with color magic.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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