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The source, the one life is no one being. It isn’t the property of some cranky old man off in space.

Comfortably Numb in Comfort


Where does our ego come in? Ego comes in because we attach to the supposed virtue of rest, of a narrowly defined peace, and feel we can claim spiritual success if we can say “I am this” even if it’s a very broad term produced by very vague thinking. We turn to traditions and give ourselves false comfort by saying “I know I am not ego”, and what do we learn just by declaring we are not ego, no matter how true that is?

So if I understand correctly, the archetypal ego sentence would be ‘I am this-or-that’? Yes, that’s the correct ego sentence. I am a cop, or I am a doctor. They get very angry if you don’t respect their copness or doctorness. If you can say I am, and accept that your brother can say “I am” also, this is sufficient.

I don’t think, therefore I am not? If you don’t think, it just means you aren’t practicing that fad that arose with the “age of reason.”

We are all one? Yes, we are all one. I am one, and you are one, and all the rest are one. We are all meant to be present. To be here.

What is this I? Another ego concept? “I” is language. I can be quite, but no one came here for that. I have just sat when someone expected something from me, and when I did they created a reaction for themselves, but here is the bigger mystery. I have not sat when someone was expecting something from me, and they still create reactions for themselves.

We are all interaction, one and the other? We all can be interaction, but we often aren’t. We are Narcissus staring lovingly into the water. Hopefully we don’t fall in love and drown. We are closed off by fear, because to truly interact threatens ego. It’s a mistaken view of self.

Could over reaction be a sort of comfort zone? Yes. What most call their comfort zone is no comfort at all. So I would ask friends, are you really comforted?

It is fear in a safe place. Yes, we keep fear in a safe place. Like the Pink Floyd song declared, “I have become … comfortably numb“. News friends, comfortably numb is dead, and we are meant to be alive. This is even literally what medical anaesthetics do. They are weak poisons that stun the nervous system into not working for a while. It isn’t that you aren’t feeling pain, what you are feeling is death.

No energy flowing. True. Energy is enlivening. Fear is energy. Pain is energy. Both are literally. They are activity of the nervous system, but we don’t have to be so extreme. The body/brain is actually pretty wise, and it not wanting to experience pain is not a delusion we have to overcome. Experience you now if you hurt, or are bored, or sad, or if you are happy, or inspired, or just think the whole idea is funny. Make mistakes and this time experience making the mistake. Be there as you make the mistake. You might actually learn from it this time, and you won’t have to “try” to.

I’m a bit confused now actually, I thought the “I am awareness” thing was the way to enlightenment. I am awareness is not a way, it is a fact. The reason saying “I am awareness” is not the way is because the way is only in manifestation. The way is your way, and every way you have is your way.

In other words, living and being in the moment. Aware of the moment without judgment? But be in the moment. Don’t be hung up on being calm, or being detached, or spiritual.

A mistake is a mis-take so learn and take again? Yes, mistakes are opportunities.

Just allow what IS to be? Yes, allow what is to be, and that includes you. Are you cranky in the moment? Allow what is to be, and make a choice. You aren’t meant to fall asleep in all this allowing.

We still have choice. We can choose a better thought and feeling once we acknowledge the truth of what is. Yes, and we only really have choice then. Without that we live the living death described by Shakespeare. All the world a stage and the people merely players who fret and strut, and thrash, and emote, and suffer, and blame God. It’s all very dramatic I must admit, but really it’s the same old script. Gets boring doesn’t it?

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing END them? Oh indeed, take arms and you end lots of things. You can end countless things, and in all that ending what’s the point?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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