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Your focus determines your reality. A rational focus creates a sterile world.

Gauge of Life in General


A bucket list is a good way to gauge how on purpose your life is, or it can be. With the wrong attitude it could do harm.

I don’t really have a list. I figure the stuff that matters will happen anyway. If you saw the movie they didn’t actually do everything on the list. It showed him what he didn’t appreciate in his life. It’s worth seeing if you get the chance. It‘s surprising, but Jack Nicholson has done a lot of deeply meaningful stuff. He plays a creepy guy usually, but I think there is a reason. His characters are very “real.”

His Joker is his best work I think. Oh, he played a fine Joker. Just the rest of the movie failed, and the newest Joker did well also.

Batman is a good character study. The Batman story line is a whole line-up of actually very real character types. All the villains, and the heroes but just overstated. The story line has more than one, and they clarify that in Dark Knight actually.

It seems the villain starts out fairly “normal” but then is wronged and wants revenge on everyone. Even real life villains always do, and yes that’s how it goes. I was reading on Vlad Tepes earlier, big “hero.”

So that is the person that snaps and commits a terrible crime? They are beyond rational thought and have no control? Really the core of the storyline and real life is Batman versus the Joker, and the paradox is the Joker was right, and Batman is also right.  But yes, the story has more than one hero, just Batman stands out because he’s the one who can do the unreasonable thing.

What no taking lives? Oh, being accused of evil. I learned in my early teens that the evil one is the one two others call evil. Real evil is what no one ever talks about at all.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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