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Death. We part, but we do not part. The energy of our bonds endures.

Compassion is Possible in Compassion


What has value other than life? Can you value your own life without valuing all life? Even research would suggest no. They have established a link between abuse of animals and abuse of humans even in those who are otherwise willfully selective.

I suppose it’s easy to kill people when you don’t even care about your own life. Yes. The one willing to die can kill, and they become willing to die because they believe more than they perceive and live. The predator eats not because it’s willing to kill, but because it wants to live. It defends itself for the same reason.

But the point is compassion is possible. It is there in all of us. We have discussed a lot of distressing and negative things, and my point was not to bring up pain. Death is not evil, ignorance is, and what do we ignore more than ourselves? Many faiths even encourage self-ignorance.

I always have believed that the soul gets recycled. So to die is simply recycling the body? To die wrongfully is to disrupt the cycle of life, to cause the earth heart to skip a bit in its rhythm. Do that enough and you bring on heart attack, but fortunately there are more minds than the human on this planet. It’s unfortunate that humanity has allowed for no species to arise that could be its peer in reason, in thought and perception. Everything is equal in feeling, everything is alive, was alive before you thought it was, will be alive after you stop thinking as you know it at all.

Can a robot ever have reason? We are creating those all the time. Some say yes, and I would say yes also, but it won’t be human nor will we artificially create it. We will just reveal it. As we advance, we will reveal more and more consciousness in the universe. Will it show us compassion? Would you?

The universe does not prevent compassion? No. Prevention is a human idea.

I do hope you found something valuable here today friends. I thank you for your presence and sharing. You are as I am in the end. I am as you are also. I think that is the essence of the concept when people say Namaste. So namaste from my living heart. Be well.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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