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Do you remember what it was like before you were born? No? That’s the point. We are forever aborning. Each moment a new incarnation, and in each moment the original conviction is arrived at again. Yet for all our convictions we are still constantly aborning.

Life Running in Compassion


Do you feel freer floating in a void or riding the waves expertly? Ever watch waves on water? Just gentle ripples, I mean. They run their course as is their nature, and the outcome always seems certain, no?

Unless they encounter an obstacle. Yes, and the obstacle has its impact because it too produces waves. Matter waves in the case of a static obstacle.

Now for most people life seems like that wave on water, yes? It will play itself out and there isn’t much you can actually do about it? Except create little disturbances perhaps. What happens when you start running water into that pool with the gentle waves?

Turbulence. Yes. No clear determination, no apparent stability.

Stick your hand into a bucket of water and move it around, and then what happens when you pull it out? Seemingly no change. People have mostly pulled out of the water. This makes the water look clear and stable. I guess it’s nice, but now it’s become polluted, stagnant. Where would you find pure water?

Running water is clear. Life running, people living, feeling, life being allowed to be, to grow. Has this been allowed?

What is stopping it? People put thinking and belief before perceiving and living. If one opened to really seeing, then you would feel very uncomfortable and you would feel an urge to act, to understand and to think in a way that accounts for this seeing. Do you see life or do you see thought? Can you see them at the same time?

Fantasies are thought? Fantasies are one type of thought. When thought aligns with perception it is not fantasy.

I saw lots of baby things at a craft fair so that got my thoughts working. No. Your feelings got your thoughts working, but seeing goes first to feeling. We feel our life. It’s how we know life in ourselves or anyone else. Thinking comes only after the eyes report to your inner spirit or feelings.

Spirit was also used to describe a chemical catalyst that made other things transform, animated them, basically gave them life. Has your thinking ever done that? Add an acid and you change things even if you are a hard core materialist. Those chemicals that let your state change produce feelings, not thoughts, feelings and sensations, not ideas.

Thinking put on paper can breathe life into a story. Feeling expressed through thought and put on paper can do that, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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